September 21, 2016

Dr. Zandra Amato - Chiropractor

Dr. Zandra Amato

Dr. Z, as she is commonly known, is more than a chiropractor - she truly is a healer, spiritual guide, educator and health fitness trainer. She has extensive knowledge combined with good old common sense, so not only does your spine become aligned, your heart, mind and soul also benefit from her profound, gentle adjustments.

Find her website here.

September 14, 2016


I received this lovely email from one of my hypnobirthing clients:

Dear Kayla,

THANK YOU! At the very beginning of my labor I tried to do self hypnosis on myself and visualize my camera lens and it going to blue for my pain. Even though  the contractions got strong and may have been uncomfortable and every 2-3 minutes, I was completely fine and as soon as I felt it get strong in a contraction I just visualized my camera lens and turning the lens down to blue and it would help me refocus/redirect my pain and smooth it out.

At eleven and a half hours I thought wow this is not going as quick, smooth etc as I had hoped since I was still only 6 cm, but I was fine managing the discomfort. Once I hit that last 10 minutes when I completely dilated in my head I actually thought, "wow there is no way this is happening, I can get through this! That was so easy I just went from 6 to 10 in less than 15 minutes and now I just have to push her out!" And then a minute and a half later she was laying on me. I realized all in those quick moments this was everything I needed and hoped it would be and that it could not possibly have been a smoother easier labor. Even though it was 12 hrs and Iylees was 6.5, this one was actually much easier, quicker due to amount of actual active labor and less painful then Iylees birth.

So again Thank You, I feel that your support and guidance was a huge
factor in such a smooth, easy labor. Oh even Adam said during labor
once or twice, "honey are you doing your hypnosis, don't forget to use
your camera lens." It was awesome!


You can read her Yelp review here.

September 7, 2016

Explore New Adventures

When we're not empowering and inspiring our readers and viewers, we sometimes empower and inspire ourselves by slipping away for a little fun. Neither of us had been zip-lining before, and there is a great course in Felton, just a few miles from Santa Cruz. On Sunday, September 18 2011 we took a short drive to a different world.

Located within the Mt. Hermon conference grounds, Redwood Canopy Tours offers a guided experience through redwood tree tops over six separate zip-lines and two sky bridges.

September 1, 2016

New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo today, sign of the Priestess. It is also a day of solar eclipse, where the sun's light will be briefly hidden by the moon. Look into your life and count your blessings - spread the seeds of kindness and appreciation, and surprise a friend or two with a random act of kindness. Devote time to further development of a creative passion, whatever speaks to your heart's content.

Time to reflect on health, the harvest, and all ways to rejuvenate and regenerate. Whether you return to school or begin a new work out routine, your health and consciousness will improve over the weeks and months to come. Make appointments with your healers now and set up your ducks for winter is just around the corner.

Virgo, sign of health and healing, has us questioning current lifestyle choices. Whether in a fog of pain or painkillers, realize where you are the source of your own distress. Stop saying "if" and start saying "when" especially in terms of your health and financial well being. Ask for help - it is a sign of strength, courage and commitment.

Dr. Kayla Garnet Rose, CHT has been studying the esoteric art of Astrology since 1990. She is available for astrology readings online with Google Hangouts, by phone or in person. Call or email to set up your appointment for some astrochat with Kayla and discover the secrets of the stars found in your birth chart.

August 17, 2016

A Week in the Life of a Santa Cruz Hypnotherapist

I see about ten to fifteen clients a week at my West side office. Here is a sampling of a typical week for a Santa Cruz hypnotherapist:
  • A person who suffers from insomnia. We made a recording they can listen to before bed to relax their body and mind as well as to remember more of their dreams.
  • A parent, releasing grief after the death of their son. We have been doing a Reiki and hypnotherapy combination, biweekly sessions for two years, focused mostly on soul retrieval work. They're now inspired to open a skateboard park to commemorate their son.
  • An initial hypnosis session for a business person interested in transforming stress and rage. We focus on peace and abundance, facing debts, pending divorce, and releasing pains in the neck.
  • A student taking private tarot lessons. They started with weekly hypnotherapy sessions for 15 months, and is using self hypnosis for self empowerment. Now they are enrolled in the ten week program to learn professional tarot reading as a form of income.
  • A regular client who has done monthly tarot readings for two years. This is their check in system and now they are doing weekly hypnosis sessions for deciding on a life path.
  • A professional coming in for astrology lessons, who used hypnotherapy and reiki for personal transformation for the past nine months. Now they are digging deeper while going through job transition and seeking a soul mate.
  • A new client for an astrology reading, who feels controlled by their relationships and seeking self realization and self actualization while creating an interdependent relationship with their new love.
  • A student using hypnotherapy in order to control sugar for weight management/diabetes. Three sessions so far, has been drinking less, discovering new sensualist pleasures instead of food as a life reward
  • An ongoing hypnotherapy client, looking for what makes their heart sing. We have been doing bi weekly sessions for one year now, focused on selling their business and getting in touch with inner council for financial advice. Now they are pregnant and planning on hypnobirthing for a healthy, easy birth and transition into parenthood.
  • An athlete, using hypnotherapy in retraining body mind for sports enhancement. Uses visualization for both ingraining the perfect throw and to let go of any stress both during game and greater stresses in life, such as work, mother in law, inner critic, etc.
  • A freshman in college, terrified of leaving home. We have done monthly sessions for 6 months, using hypnotherapy to anchor feelings of self esteem, love and acceptance.

There is a saying, "Discontent is the first step in progress". My ideal client is ready for change, willing to do the work, and open to new perspectives. I am here to counsel you in joy through experiencing insights for personal change and transformation. Call or email for your appointment today - the time is now!