June 20, 2016

Poem for Marya

One day Marya the Creatress was walking her path,
When she realized - she really needed a bath!
She rubbed and she scrubbed at all of her spots,
But nothing seemed to remove those red dots!

Off she went to her favorite healer,
A witch in the woods, a real potion dealer.
Who stood up tall, in pink and white striped socks,
And exclaimed, "Oh my dear - You have chicken pox!"

Now the creatress had wandered both far and near,
She was familiar with the ways of Salmon and Deer.
She knew all about Coyote, and the wily Fox,
But what, oh, what, could she learn from the Chicken Pox?

She thought, she mumbled, she scratched and she itched,
She went through hell and tried not to bitch,
Because now she understood those in chronic pain,
Who deal with a similar hell, again and again...

She went on a vision quest, searching high and low,
Climbed the mountains, basked in the meadow.
On Solstice Night, she discovered wisdom of the Owl-
Whoooo simply said -
Be friends with all that is fair and fowl.

Blessed Be!

June 16, 2016

Temple of Laphrodite Mini Magic Spells

Yay! As my final project for The Creatress Salon (a 12 week course working with coaches, artists, healers and musicians) I created a mini deck of cards: Temple of Laphrodite Mini Magic Spells: Tiny Meditations and Healing Affirmations.

Using my favorite sayings and my own photos, these 25 little cards printed on extra sturdy cardstock are perfect for your altar on the go. 

Simply breathe, focus, choose a card, reflect, rinse repeat. Available in a repurposed tin box or colorful gauze bag, just the right size for purse or backpack.

I made a limited amount available for our Creatress Salon on Thursday, June 23, or you can order them here.

Commemorative Tin Box $15
Gauze Bag $10
(+$5 for shipping/handling)

All proceeds go towards The Artemis Project, which envisions a world of healthy, empowered girls that grow up supported to become self-actualized women.

I will be participating in four different performance pieces in the upcoming Creatress Salon. It is our last hurrah - I'm in a dance piece, short skit, singing, and performing a personal monologue - wahooo! And I sure would love to see your smiling facing in the audience!

The four month class was designed to encourage creativity through a system of support, grounding, clearing, and manifestation.  I wanted to work on my tarot deck, and these cards are my prototype for a bigger project. Please join us!

The Creatress Salon
Thursday, June 23 7:30pm
Pacific Cultural Center
Sliding scale donation $10-20

I sure do hope to see you there!

June 9, 2016

Please join me at The Creatress Salon!

Join me for this epic event where 11 women will be sharing beautiful and fun offerings of music, poetry, dance, spoken word and story.

This offering emerges out of a 4-month container with healers and artists spiraling together in the spirit of awakening feminine creative power as the key to sharing our precious gifts with the world.

In addition to the performances, there will be an opportunity for all who are present to network, shop and also participate together as a group.

Evening Offerings Include:

Eco Kids Fashion Show
Crystal Sound Healing Ceremony
Activated Dance Performance
Comedy Storytelling Performance
Singing Performance
Manifesting Meditation
Creative Poetry

This is event is a fundraiser and is $10-$20 sliding scale suggested donation. No one will be turned away.

This is a Family Friendly Event. Please join us and bring your fam and friends!

There will be items for sale including baked goods, homemade clothes for children, and even a book of spells!

May 26, 2016

Upcoming Lecture: Embracing Chiron: Change Your Deepest Wounds into Your Greatest Gifts

All healing...
Upcoming Lecture:

Embracing Chiron: Change Your Deepest Wounds
 into Your Greatest Gifts

Are current events triggering past memories? Feeling the need for karmic closure? Ready to let go of old woundedness and shame?

Many women in their late 40s and early 50s are experiencing their Chiron return - The Wounded Healer. Now is an opportunity to transform your deepest wounds into your greatest gift.

Come learn how to use astrology and other holistic tools to tap into Chiron's profound transformative, healing energies.

Women's Networking Group (WNA) 
Wednesday, June 1st
705 Front Street, from
 9am to 10:30 am

Kayla Garnet Rose, Ph.D.
Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master
(831) 435-5182
Click here to book your appointment online!

April 30, 2016

Mystical Wisdom Cards

 It is Beltane, May Eve. The last quarter moon is hidden in the fog that covers all of Carmel, where I am on a retreat at the Highland's Inn. Smoke from chimneys combine with the grey mist, all is still, even the ocean sounds are muffled and distant. After spending the day in the thermal waterfalls at Refuge, we now curl up by the fireplace and begin to feast on The Mystical Wisdom Card Deck. In direct contrast to the somber tones around us, the cards burst with rainbow colors, dazzling details, and an overall feeling of entering into an enchanted realm, like stepping into a fairy tale of your own making.

Written by Gaye Guthrie and illustrated by Josephine Wall, The Mystical Wisdom Card Deck has just been published by US Games Systems. The set includes 46 cards, printed on glossy heavy stock that are pleasing to both the hand and the eye. Accompanied by a booklet with both card layouts and meanings, there is both comfort and wisdom to be found in the short passages which include a mantra.

A veritable smorgasbord of angels, fairies, unicorns, mermaids, animals, flower devas and other guides run the gamut in this deck. The art is simply beautiful, and would appeal to young women who are just discovering oracle decks. The writing is short and sweet, and completely non-dogmatic. For example, in writing about the Celtic Cross spread, the author states, "Please be aware that you have the power to change the outcome of your reading if you desire. Nothing is written in stone."

The soft sound of shuffling cards blends with the quiet crackling of the fire. After a simple breath blessing, I take a moment to set my intentions, both for the reading and in what will unfold over the year. The first card I pull is "Face Your Fears: Release the Power of Fear". A blindfolded woman appears to be dreaming, cradling a golden rose, her body merging into a horse's, while planets, comets and stars fill the sky. "Fear has a subtle way of showing you the dark side of yourself...Fear can also show you that something is worth fighting for..."

The second card is "Knowledge". Infused with golden light, this image shows a young woman reading a book from which swirling clouds with small figures spill. Fairy tales, myths, legends and lore are a part of the teaching here, a sense of weaving stories with imagination to gain insight and understanding. Certainly knowledge will support me in facing my fears. The mantra reads, "Knowledge brightens my horizons for the future."

 The last card is "Friendship: Nurture Your Relationships". Three feminine beings gaze over a lush green valley with a peaceful river flowing through it. One being is blue, with feathers for hair, several birds on her shoulders and even nesting in her hair. One is golden yellow, with butterflies as her coiffure. The third is a soft mauve, with an abundance of flowers instead of tresses. Each is unique, yet they blend well together. "The value of friendship is expressed by mutual understanding, compassion and the ability to comfort each other for emotional support." I take a moment to feel the deep love and gratitude for my friends, and all the ways that they have contributed to my knowledge and helped me face my fears, and I hope I have done the same in return.

The Mystical Wisdom Card Deck is a great set for anyone who considers themselves a dabbler in the mysteries. "The cards offer you choices and options. It is up to you or the seeker to determine what is right for you at the time of the reading." Like the grey fog now slowly lifting from the Carmel Valley, revealing the true colors of the crashing sea, I feel my mind lifting the veils and reconnecting with a deeper sense of hope and optimism.

Blessed be.