New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo today, sign of the Lion. Whether you were proud to be an American on the 4th of July or proud of your transgender child at a Gay Pride Parade (Go Chaz!), now is the time to find out what you are proud of in your life. Your ancestry? Your sports team? Your college? Your accomplishments? And who is in your pride- your family, your colleagues, your co-workers, your classmates? Throw one big ol' party in the name of peace this summer, and remember to invite me.

Dr. Kayla Garnet Rose, CHT has been studying the esoteric art of Astrology since 1990. She is available for astrology readings online with Google Hangouts, by phone or in person. Call or email to set up your appointment for some astrochat with Kayla and discover the secrets of the stars found in your birth chart.


Ten Ways to Manage Your Business Better Part 2

1) Time Management
Set reminder emails or texts, track mileage, block out times for clients, projects, etc. Set your own reminders on your smartphone.
Schedulicity.com $4.95 to $19.95 a month
Yellowschedule.com $29.95 a month
Mindbodyonline.com $75 a month

2) Money Management
Create budgets, set goals, take credit cards online, invoice clients, makes taxes easier
Mint.com free
Quickbooksonline.com $12.95 to $26.95 a month
Squareup.com 2.75% , manual 3.5% plus 15 cents
PayPal.com 2.9%plus 30 cent per transaction, takes 3 days to transfer
Paytrust.com manages bills  9.95 a month
Officeally.com medical billing $?
CloudPay 3% goes to customer’s favorite charity Business - up to 200/month in advertising

3) Password Management
Creates unique passwords for every account, you just remember one
lastpass.com free/ $12 a year for mobile
passwordgenie.com $19.95 a year
dashlane.com free/$29.95 a year

4) Networking Management
Scan and store business cards with a phone Ap
scanbizcards.com For iphones. Accurate. Can store the backs of cards. Can send an email from you reminding the new contact how you met, etc.
Abbyy.com $9.99
Intsig.com $11.99
cardmunch.com Powered by Linked in

5) Client Connection
Create your own online contact form, get less spam

6) Client Retention
Verticalresponse.com online newsletter, free first 1000 emails
Mailchimp.com free first 2000 emails
Constantcontact.com $20 a month

7) Manage your Notes,
Client notes, articles, etc.
Evernote.com keep notes across devices
geniusscan.com convert docs into pdf
google docs for forms, spreadsheets, documents that are shareable, multi editors

8) Attract new, LOCAL clients
Promote your Beautiful Self. Remember to use your email signature.

vistaprint.com magnetic signs, banners
gotprint.com business cards, brochures, etc.
lochdogssigns.com vinyl signs
Brinks Trophy name badges

9) Attract new WORLDWIDE clients

10) Position Your Self
As the expert in your field

Promote your blog:
LinkedIn.com A good place to hone your profile

What are your favorite ways to manage your business?


Ten Ways to Manage Your Business Better

Santa Cruz Women's Leads Club.
Photo by Portia Shao

Being self employed means having to do things for yourself. If you don't have the money to hire a personal assistant, here are ten business tools to manage your business better, rather than having your business manage you. Presented by kick ass business women, Dr. Kayla Garnet Rose, Certified Hypnotherapist and Lisa Carter, Meditation Teacher, here are essential tips to manage your time, money, and resources so you can focus on what you do best - serving your clients! Save time, grow your business and live your life with these inexpensive or free tools.

Wednesday, July 23 at 7:30 in the morning. Coffee served. 350 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz. Call or email for more information.

Leads Club is dedicated to maximizing the use of your time and resources to get good business referrals. Leads Club is a networking club designed to expand a member’s client base. We are a leads and referral networking group dedicated to increasing Members’ business success!


In this moment

In this moment

The fig tree is whispering to the blue jays
Hidden up in the branches, I know they are there
Soft chirps mix with the fine mist
As the fog continues to create
A blank canvas for my mind