August 17, 2016

A Week in the Life of a Santa Cruz Hypnotherapist

I see about ten to fifteen clients a week at my West side office. Here is a sampling of a typical week for a Santa Cruz hypnotherapist:

  • Someone who is ready to quit smoking for good. We will do three sessions in three days as that's how long it takes for the nicotine to leave the body. Then we will do a follow up in three weeks, as that's when most people experience an emotional release and are most likely to start again.
  • A being who suffers from insomnia. We made a recording they can listen to before bed to relax their body and mind as well as to remember more of their dreams.
  • A parent, releasing grief after the death of their son. We have been doing a Reiki and hypnotherapy combination, biweekly sessions for two years, focused mostly on soul retrieval work. They're now inspired to open a skateboard park to commemorate their son.
  • An initial hypnosis session for a businessperson interested in transforming stress and rage. We focus on peace and abundance, facing debts, pending divorce, and releasing pains in the neck.
  • A student taking private tarot lessons. They started with weekly hypnotherapy sessions for 15 months, and is using self hypnosis for self empowerment. Now they are enrolled in the ten week program to learn professional tarot reading as a form of income.
  • A regular client who has done monthly tarot readings for two years. This is their check in system and now they are doing weekly hypnosis sessions for deciding on a life path.
  • A professional coming in for astrology lessons, who used hypnotherapy and reiki for personal transformation for the past nine months. Now they are digging deeper while going through job transition and seeking a soul mate.
  • A new client for an astrology reading, who feels controlled by their relationships and seeking self realization and self actualization while creating an interdependent relationship with their new love.
  • An entity using hypnotherapy in order to control sugar for weight management/diabetes. Three sessions so far, has been drinking less, discovering new sensualist pleasures instead of food as a life reward
  • An ongoing hypnotherapy client, looking for what makes their heart sing. We have been doing bi weekly sessions for one year now, focused on selling their business and getting in touch with inner council for financial advice. Now they are pregnant and planning on hypnobirthing for a healthy, easy birth and transition into parenthood.
  • An athlete, using hypnotherapy in retraining body mind for sports enhancement. Uses visualization for both ingraining the perfect throw and to let go of any stress both during game and greater stresses in life, such as work, mother in law, inner critic, etc.
  • A freshman in college, terrified of leaving home. We have done monthly sessions for 6 months, using hypnotherapy to anchor feelings of self esteem, love and acceptance.

There is a saying, "Discontent is the first step in progress". My ideal client is ready for change, willing to do the work, and open to new perspectives. I am here to counsel you in joy through experiencing insights for personal change and transformation. Call or email for your appointment today - the time is now!




August 10, 2016

Improve Your Life With Hypnosis

Discover Hypnosis with Kayla Garnet Rose, Certified Hypnotherapist, Santa Cruz, California

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is hypnosis and how does it work?
A: Hypnosis is a very natural process of entering a state of deep relaxation. This helps your subconscious mind become more attentive, receptive to suggestion, and open to change. The practitioner will guide you into a trance, and then facilitate your inner explorations. Much like being in a lucid dream, your subconscious will reveal to you the steps for successful solutions through experiencing insights for personal growth & transformation.

Q: How can I be sure I can be hypnotized?
A: Hypnosis is a natural, though altered, state of mind. You enter some form of hypnosis several times a day, like when you are driving and pass your turn-off because you haven’t been paying attention, or being absorbed in a good book. Everyone goes through natural, altered states before they fall asleep, and as they come into wakefulness. 

Q: Can a hypnotist make me do something I don’t want to do?
A: All hypnosis is actually "self-hypnosis." You are allowing the hypnotist to guide you into your deeper and broader memory and other resources. Since it is a 100% consent state, no one can hypnotize you against your will. You are free to reject and receive any suggestion at any time, and to come out of trance at any time by merely opening your eyes.

Q: Will I reveal too much when I am hypnotized?
A: Hypnosis is not a truth-serum or other drug. It is not like "opening Pandora’s Box" and letting out all your secrets. Since you are in charge, and letting yourself be hypnotized, your own mind determines how much or how little you wish to contribute to a hypnosis session. You can just as freely answer and not answer questions in a hypnotic state as you do in a wide-awake one.

Q: How many sessions will I need?
A: Resolving your issue will depend on the issue itself, as well as on your commitment to change. Typically, you will know within 3 sessions whether Hypnotherapy is effective for you.

Q: How often should I schedule sessions?
A: Some clients visit each week, others come as often as they see fit to address their needs.

Q: How long is one session?
A: Sessions run between 60 to 75 minutes. 

Q: What else should I do?
A: Drink water; Practice what you learn in sessions; Keep a journal; Balance work & play; Breathe deep; Check in with other healers for a holistic experience - ask for a referral for any service you may need at this time.

Q. Habit cessation
A. Just as people develop habits for many different reasons, people also desire to stop their habits for just as many reasons. I work with people to find the underlying causes. What do you like and dislike about your habit? How did it serve you? What will serve that purpose now? What will you miss? What is your main motivation to quit? What does it mean to you? Through a combination of guided imagery and regression healings, you will find changing your habits easy and with long term results.

Q. What is Hypnosis used for?
A. Anytime you would like to feel focused, have a goal to achieve, or want to check in with your deeper self. Whether accessing your inner coach for true motivation, or inner couch for deep relaxation, discover how hypnosis can serve you. I have had positive results with:
Anxiety & releasing fear
Body image
Business partnerships
Career change
Chakra balancing
Communication blocks
Creative blocks
Deciding on having a baby
Decision making
Deep relaxation
Developing intuition
Easy Birth
Fertility issues
Finding one’s purpose
Follow through on intentions
Habit change
Improving intimacy
Inner resources
Integrating parts of self
Job interview prep
Job/career questions
Money, prosperity & abundance
Meditation practice
Mental blocks
Mind-body healing
Money issues
Pain management
Past lifes
Phone anxiety
Pre & post surgery
Public speaking
Reconnecting with family members
Reducing stress
Regret & Resentment
Relationship issues
Releasing old grief
Releasing past trauma
Self esteem
Self Sabotage
Smoking cessation
Spiritual Guidance
Sports enhancement
Stage Fright
Strengthening resolve
Stress reduction
Support during chemo/radiation
Test anxiety
Time management
Tying up loose ends
Weight management

August 2, 2016

New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo today, sign of the Lion. Whether you were proud to be an American on the 4th of July or proud of your transgender child at a Gay Pride Parade, now is the time to find out what you are proud of in your life. Your ancestry? Your sports team? Your college? Your accomplishments? And who is in your pride- your family, your colleagues, your co-workers, your classmates? Throw one big ol' party in the name of peace this summer, and remember to invite me.

Sauntering into late summer, the new moon in Leo purrs like a kitten, playful and free. This is the time to fire up and communicate your true nature, as the universe is calling upon you to expand your awareness.

What do you want to show the world? Taking others into consideration is an art. Take time to cultivate listening. Start a gratitude journal and share your blessings with those you love.

Dr. Kayla Garnet Rose, CHT has been studying the esoteric art of Astrology since 1990. She is available for astrology readings online with Google Hangouts, by phone or in person. Call or email to set up your appointment for some astrochat with Kayla and discover the secrets of the stars found in your birth chart.

July 27, 2016

The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Monterey Bay Sanctuary Exploration Center - Santa Cruz, CA, United States. From tide pools to kelp forests, shipwrecks to creatures in the deep sea, come find out more at the Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center.

The Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center is located at 35 Pacific Ave, across from the entrance to the wharf. It is FREE admission whoo-hoo! Although donations are accepted. Open Wednesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm.

This place is great - whether you just have ten minutes or a few hours. It is a visitors center to explore, educate, and create the connection with the ocean. While there are no live animals at the Sanctuary Exploration Center, there are lots of interactive displays, videos, and fun things to play! The interactive displays include an ROV - a mini submarine for exploring the deep - that you get to play with, as well as a great little video about the Monterey Bay and a Liquid Galaxy from Google. From tide pools to kelp forests, shipwrecks to creatures in the deep sea, come find out more at the Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center. Fun for kids, parents, teachers and visitors, well worth checking out.

July 20, 2016

Messages From Sea Glass

Once I met a wind swept man
Who constructed his days
& spent his nights in craft,
And the time betweens
Sifting the beaches
For bits of precious sea glass.

Milky white, palest aqua,
Sea green, and cobalt blues,
Burnished browns, occasional reds
And the rarest of violet hues.

These shards of the past
Once raw & jagged
Now polished & refined
He would into make jewelry
Creating a holder,
A reminder of the divine.

Solidly set in silver
Skillfully soldered
Edges worked intaglio-
Stars & moons,
Cut outs to reveal
The treasured inner glow.

How like our hearts...

What was once a whole vessel
To whatever elixir
Ambrosia in the moment
Containing the promise of eternity
Infinity in a bottle
Or so we took for granted.

Suddenly smashed & broken
Tumbled by turmoil
Tossed by tides of grief.
Scoured by remorse
Cleansed of regret
These fragments of relief.

Shrapnel of the soul
Now soft, eroded edges
Worn smooth by patience.
Translucent, transcendent,
A constant reminder:
Time is precious.

Sea glass, see glass
See through the looking glass...
Salt tears & wisdom know-
Sand once melted
Sand now scoured
Even glass will flow.

Milky white, palest aqua
Sea green baubles
Hung on sterling chains
Reminding the throat
Reminding the heart
Cherish each moment that remains.