July 20, 2016

Messages From Sea Glass

Once I met a wind swept man
Who constructed his days
& spent his nights in craft,
And the time betweens
Sifting the beaches
For bits of precious sea glass.

Milky white, palest aqua,
Sea green, and cobalt blues,
Burnished browns, occasional reds
And the rarest of violet hues.

These shards of the past
Once raw & jagged
Now polished & refined
He would into make jewelry
Creating a holder,
A reminder of the divine.

Solidly set in silver
Skillfully soldered
Edges worked intaglio-
Stars & moons,
Cut outs to reveal
The treasured inner glow.

How like our hearts...

What was once a whole vessel
To whatever elixir
Ambrosia in the moment
Containing the promise of eternity
Infinity in a bottle
Or so we took for granted.

Suddenly smashed & broken
Tumbled by turmoil
Tossed by tides of grief.
Scoured by remorse
Cleansed of regret
These fragments of relief.

Shrapnel of the soul
Now soft, eroded edges
Worn smooth by patience.
Translucent, transcendent,
A constant reminder:
Time is precious.

Sea glass, see glass
See through the looking glass...
Salt tears & wisdom know-
Sand once melted
Sand now scoured
Even glass will flow.

Milky white, palest aqua
Sea green baubles
Hung on sterling chains
Reminding the throat
Reminding the heart
Cherish each moment that remains.

July 11, 2016

New Moon in Cancer

A week ago today was the New Moon in Cancer, sign of the Crab. Are you feeling stuck between your shell and a hard place? Crack open your sense of humor and find the strength in being vulnerable, the sacred in the mundane. Nourish yourself as much as those around you, and remember to practice self care.

Feeling crabby lately? Side stepping the issues? “Discontent is the first step towards progress”. So many folks seem so unhappy lately, this quote sprang to mind. If you're happy with life, one doesn't change. It's only when we're unhappy that we do start to change - look at health care!

If you feel stuck in a rut, reach out - to a friend, a healer, your senator, etc. Take action rather than choosing to remain depressed. Change is our friend! There is a feeling of universal exasperation, but all displeasure is released with good information, and the true opportunity lies in dealing with what’s in front of you, rather than acting like a victim.

Remember to begin with small, gentle adjustments, and the slower the change, the more real and long lasting the results.

Dr. Kayla Garnet Rose, CHT has been studying the esoteric art of Astrology since 1990. She is available for astrology readings online with Google Hangouts, by phone or in person. Call or email to set up your appointment for some astrochat with Kayla and discover the secrets of the stars found in your birth chart.

July 6, 2016

Simple Self Hypnosis for Relaxation

A simple Self Hypnosis Technique with Kayla Garnet Rose, Certified Hypnotherapist, Santa Cruz, California

Simple Self Hypnosis Technique
• Inhale and look up at eyebrows
• Exhale and close eyes
• Take a deep breath & exhale with a sigh
• Take a moment to experience the words:

With each inhale, breathe in relaxation
With each exhale, breathe out discomfort

• Say some affirmation(s)

• Count yourself back
1. Start to bring yourself back
2. Notice the feelings in your body
3. Be aware of your space
4. Move a bit, stretch, readjust
5. Coming all the way back, feeling awake, relaxed and energized

June 20, 2016

Poem for Marya

One day Marya the Creatress was walking her path,
When she realized - she really needed a bath!
She rubbed and she scrubbed at all of her spots,
But nothing seemed to remove those red dots!

Off she went to her favorite healer,
A witch in the woods, a real potion dealer.
Who stood up tall, in pink and white striped socks,
And exclaimed, "Oh my dear - You have chicken pox!"

Now the creatress had wandered both far and near,
She was familiar with the ways of Salmon and Deer.
She knew all about Coyote, and the wily Fox,
But what, oh, what, could she learn from the Chicken Pox?

She thought, she mumbled, she scratched and she itched,
She went through hell and tried not to bitch,
Because now she understood those in chronic pain,
Who deal with a similar hell, again and again...

She went on a vision quest, searching high and low,
Climbed the mountains, basked in the meadow.
On Solstice Night, she discovered wisdom of the Owl-
Whoooo simply said -
Be friends with all that is fair and fowl.

Blessed Be!

June 16, 2016

Temple of Laphrodite Mini Magic Spells

Yay! As my final project for The Creatress Salon (a 12 week course working with coaches, artists, healers and musicians) I created a mini deck of cards: Temple of Laphrodite Mini Magic Spells: Tiny Meditations and Healing Affirmations.

Using my favorite sayings and my own photos, these 25 little cards printed on extra sturdy cardstock are perfect for your altar on the go. 

Simply breathe, focus, choose a card, reflect, rinse repeat. Available in a repurposed tin box or colorful gauze bag, just the right size for purse or backpack.

I made a limited amount available for our Creatress Salon on Thursday, June 23, or you can order them here.

Commemorative Tin Box $15
Gauze Bag $10
(+$5 for shipping/handling)

All proceeds go towards The Artemis Project, which envisions a world of healthy, empowered girls that grow up supported to become self-actualized women.

I will be participating in four different performance pieces in the upcoming Creatress Salon. It is our last hurrah - I'm in a dance piece, short skit, singing, and performing a personal monologue - wahooo! And I sure would love to see your smiling facing in the audience!

The four month class was designed to encourage creativity through a system of support, grounding, clearing, and manifestation.  I wanted to work on my tarot deck, and these cards are my prototype for a bigger project. Please join us!

The Creatress Salon
Thursday, June 23 7:30pm
Pacific Cultural Center
Sliding scale donation $10-20

I sure do hope to see you there!