October 19, 2016

Glimmers of Hope

Awhile ago I had a client come in with chronic grief. I did a basic relaxation and count down to a "safe, comfortable place" and she felt she couldn't get "there-someplace pretty" but found herself in bed instead. We worked with the metaphor of carrying sorrow like a stone, and the particular purpose that served.

Today she came in for her third session. She was grinning from ear to ear, clearly elated, carrying a large canvas. This was soon to be revealed a painting of her experience during trance, and her insights over the next week as it developed.

In the center, a female figure is in a dark room looking out to a meadow filed with flowers, light, mountains, sunshine. To her right 2 women and a man sit at a poker table, while in a cloud of smoke above them many faces are revealed. This is her mother, grandmother, father and all her ancestors, who tie her to the dark. To the left in the corner are three points of light, which are "glimmers of hope."

While unfinished, it is a compelling piece, full of rich shadows and longings for passage, to bridge that imaginary threshold of limitations. The best part was my client saying she had so much fun making it - the first time she felt happy in years.

She lay down and we began the induction with the intention to basically pick up wherever she last left off, what ever was right for today. It was very deep and included a ritual to cut ties with her mother. She cried about feeling lonely, then was soothed when I had her ruminate on the word alone being "all one". At peace in the moment, I counted her out of the trance, and we discussed her experience further.

Turning to leave, she asked for a hug for the first time, then pointed to the painting. "those glimmers," she said, "they're you. They are what you have done for me. Thank you."

October 12, 2016

Silliest Hypnosis Video

Laughter is still the best medicine. This humorous meditation was inspired by a spelling error in a comment on one of our other videos: "clam" instead of the intended "calm".

October 5, 2016

Vibrissae or My Cat Whisker Collection

Why do I collect whiskers? I don't really know.
It started on a whim, about 25 years ago.
Now I have almost two hundred, call me crazy,
From about a dozen different cats, and a dog named Maisy.

First whiskers from Zelda, then Sadie Baby,
By now I might be turning into that kind of cat lady.
They are my companions, familiars and kin,
In this funny way I honor their fuzzy contributions.

Whiskers are cool, here's some facts:
They are not just hair upon the cats.
Known as vibrissae, sensitive touch receptors,
They act like radar, little kitty interceptors.

Whiskers help cats to perceive, especially at night,
Fit in small places, figure out if they're tight.
Really, they act as the ultimate sensory guage,
And just like us, whiskers change color with age.

You might not believes this, even think it's absurd,
But none of my pets' names are used for my passwords!
Simply talking about the weird thing I collect,
Helps me express my profound feline respect.

Now Roxie! Now Rosie! Now Mango and Poppy!
On, CJ! On, Cotton! On, Alex and Sharkey!
"To the top of porch! To the top of the wall!"
Each of these cats, I have loved them all.

And then we had Maisy, who was very special,
Yes indeedy, she was trans-Pet-ual.
A cat trapped in a dog's body, she could even purr,
She had pop-corny feet, and deep black fur.

As a perpetual cat-lover for all of my life,
Maisy taught me tolerance, acceptance of strife,
Her owner's also transgendered, and I always feel proud,
To be a part of a particularly colorful crowd.

What will I do with these whiskers? Glad you asked,
I think I'll have them scattered, along with my ash.
I'm sure it's clear from what you read above,
What these whiskers really represent -  is unconditional love.

You can see my collection of whiskers displayed alongside other local collections at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History starting October 7th.

September 30, 2016

New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra today, sign of the Scales. Notice the balance of day and night, the changing of the seasons, the turning of the tides. This is the time of self love and self care. What do you need to refresh your spirit, renew your self, and rejuvenate your being to feel the most deliciously attractive as possible? A massage, facial, retreat, membership to the gym? Make a commitment to tend to your body this month. Allow yourself to weigh and decide.

You might think the universe is being fickle when really it's flirting with you. Notice the buzz of bees and hum more. A chakra tuning would do you some good. There is a hidden opportunity for more energy, but only if you act on it now. What is holding you back? Tap into your eagle vision-swoop into the details as well as getting perspective on your soul. consult with a professional or a friend to get more insight.

Dr. Kayla Garnet Rose, CHT has been studying the esoteric art of Astrology since 1990. She is available for astrology readings online with Google Hangouts, by phone or in person. Call or email to set up your appointment for some astrochat with Kayla and discover the secrets of the stars found in your birth chart.

September 21, 2016

Dr. Zandra Amato - Chiropractor

Dr. Zandra Amato

Dr. Z, as she is commonly known, is more than a chiropractor - she truly is a healer, spiritual guide, educator and health fitness trainer. She has extensive knowledge combined with good old common sense, so not only does your spine become aligned, your heart, mind and soul also benefit from her profound, gentle adjustments.

Find her website here.