Pisces The Mermaid

I am she who goes with the flow,
I know when to surface as well as the depths below,
I'm familiar with the tides both high and low,
I play in the sunshine and bask in the the moon's glow.

I have many stories, yes I know many tales,
I'm friends with the wind and all who set sails.
I swim with the dolphins, otters and great whales,
I ride out the storm and laugh in the gales.

I know where sunken treasure lies in the deep.
I know many secrets, all of them I keep.
Some fill me with joy, some make me weep.
All acts of faith start with a leap.

My beauty is a legendary, over time it does not fade.
I adorn myself with coral, pearls and Jade.
Come out to the ocean, in the shallows where I wade.
I'm here for you - Pisces, The Mermaid.


Upcoming Prosperity Workshop: Helpful People Boxes

Helpful People Boxes are a Feng Shui technique to attract power and wealth by blessing your resources for increasing income streams.

In the ancient art of Feng Shui, spaces (home, office, room, property) are divided up into nine sections, each with a specific “life value” or focus. For this workshop, we will focus on Wealth and Helpful Beings, two stations found opposite each other on the Bagua.

As opposites attract, and balance is often key to resolving any blocks in energy flow, we are often aware of how being in service has a correlation with our income and cash flow. One way to increase our positive cash flow energy is to focus on helpful beings, ie helpful people, friends, family, colleagues, team members, networks and community as well as spirit guides, angels, ancestors -“all visible and invisible beings”.

We will be making boxes using decoupage and sharing resources for mutual support. For more information, please check out this video:

Materials provided. Bring images/photos that you would like to include in your own helpful people box, as well as 10 business cards.

Saturday, February 21, 10:00 am to 12:30pm
$20 fee includes materials, coffee and tea
Limited to 9 participants. Call, email or RSVP on MeetUp to reserve your space.

Private lessons also available.



New Services Review

I have been seeing Kayla for a few months now and continue to be very impressed with her services. She is very experienced, professional, and can accurately help and provide invaluable insights to improve your life. I have tried her hypnotherapy, reiki, tarot card, and astrology readings. All her services are on the spot. She is kind welcoming, and will help you obtained the answers you are looking for. Very clean comfortable environment as well. - Alleyne L. on Google+


Tossing Worries

I tend to wake up around 3:00 am every night and be up for an hour or so. Usually I read a book or meditate. Last night I found myself "Tossing My Worries" instead, and excellent way to release stress. Here is the technique:

Start with a simple self hypnosis technique to relax. Begin with some deep cleansing breaths, breathing deeper and deeper for 5 to 10 breaths. Relax each part of your body - head and neck, shoulders and arms, down your spine, hips and thighs, calves and feet, chest and belly. Say out loud, "I am calm, peaceful and relaxed." 

Now visualized yourself going down to the ocean, a favorite river, lake or pond. It could be real or imaginary. Make it as vivid as possible. Notice the sights, sounds, colors, textures, and tastes. Be aware of the time of day, the season of the year. Allow yourself to enjoy this special place that lives deep inside of your imagination.

Now find a container with a light lid, cork or lock. I found a cobalt blue bottle. Pick up pebbles, naming each of your worries, and pop them into the bottle (worry about family, health, finances, etc). Take all the time you need. Notice the weight of each stone, how it feels in your hand, the satisfying sound as you drop it into your container.

When it feels complete, put the lid on tightly, and seal it in any way that makes you feel safe and secure. Throw it into the water and visualize it sinking all the way to the bottom, deep, deep down, never to surface again. Notice how it feels to be released of your burdens and fears. 

Take some deep breaths, returning into your body gently, notice being present and conscious, alert, awake and alive. Welcome back!

Call or email for a personal session to toss your worries and live a more fulfilling, productive and proactive life.


New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius today, sign of the Water-Bearer. Aquarius is the sign of self knowledge and wisdom. We are six weeks away from Spring Equinox, the sap is rising, the light returning. Stand up now and speak for your cause - miraculous possibilities are sparkling all around. 

Mercury has just gone retrograde in Aquarius, so we have a double whammy on communication and all things electric. Back up your computers, check your electronic calendars, plan on delays (bring a paperback, not an e-book) and put off signing any important documents until after February 11. If you are making a large purchase/need to sign a vital paper, read it THREE times, or even better, get three other people to review it first. Retrogrades are exactly that - a time for review, review, review, so use this energy to get all of your bookkeeping in order and then file your electronic taxes closer to Valentines Day.

Tap into the celestial tides to enhance your souls journey on your chosen life path. Let this be the gift of usable energy in any way that is beneficial to you now. Take in any information that resonates with your current situation, and simply disregard the rest.

Dr. Kayla Garnet Rose, CHT has been studying the esoteric art of Astrology since 1990. She is available for astrology readings online with Google Hangouts, by phone or in person. Call or email to set up your appointment for some astrochat with Kayla and discover the secrets of the stars found in your birth chart.