February 13, 2019

Empty Cup

This morning as I started together ready to go on a four day retreat up in the Russian River area, I cleaned my office. As they say, nothing gets us more productive than the last minute. I had already cleaned the crystal water glasses I have for my 3 clients a day- 3 of cups, in the tarot, mental anguish resulting in emotional distress, the traditional image of a heart stabbed through with three swords.

But now I took a moment to polish my own glass. Crystal, yes, but different from the others, larger to start - I drink a lot of water during sessions. 4 of cups in the Tarot, overcoming sorrow after grief, a card I identify with as the wounded healer.

There is a tradition in Japan where each night one drinks a glass of water, then puts it face down to indicate, "I am done, everything is complete, I could die at peace tonight." Then, in the morning, hooray! You wake up alive, fill that cup again, and start a brand new day.

So I flipped my cup over. I was done. I was ready. New moon in Scorpio, let me be transformed and begin anew. That was the unexpected gift in the bowl, a giggle from Coyote, a long look in the mirror, a decision to change my story, a decision made long ago now ready to be acted upon. A feeling of peace, a calm anticipation, a reason to get up in the morning as well as reassurance in my mind in the night.

Blessed Be.

January 30, 2019

The Snake That Bit You

"If something hurts you really bad
Make an icon of it and put it in your sanctuary
Hang it from the mirror of your car
Or tuck it next to the pillow of your bed

Record the sickening thud and play it
Until you fall peacefully asleep
Recall the heat of that searing shame
Until it wells up in you like a cool breath

And if a poisonous snake should bite you
Make a bronze cast of it and put it in a high place
Then raise your eyes to it considering well
That you are still alive, though changed

See the gaps where you have bled and
Take the stitches from your closed wounds
Weaving them into a mantle that you wear
For your morning and evening prayer

And if grace and goodness should require
That you look into the eyes of certain death
Recall the transformations you have known
And go there knowing well..."

~Anne Benvenuti

January 16, 2019

Small Changes

Ruby-throated hummingbird
Sending me hot flashes
Hormonal morse code
Brilliant crimson embed
Stillness in constant motion

Spiderwebs connote stillness
Ancient mansions with 
Dusty sheets over furniture

Yet the spider is in constant motion
Working and reworking
Never bitching or moaning
Like I do

Here is another day
Another routine
Maybe a small change in the pattern
To create perpetual improvement

January 2, 2019

Blessings in Disguise

"There is a blessing on the wide road".  - w.s.merwin

Come and gather together, it's that time of year,
Here at the crossroads, your direction is clear.
Go ahead and welcome Hecate with a grin,
Here comes Papa Legba, remember to invite him in.

Offer up a glass of water, a prayer of gratitude,
A smooth river rock, a forgiving attitude.
Light some sage and lavender, clear the space,
Have some colorful candles to illuminate the place.

Take a moment to pause, time for reflection,
No matter what, you're in the right direction.
And as you turn the corner, sweet surprise,
Anything could be a blessing in disguise.

Happy New Year!
Love and Light,