April 22, 2015


Passion comes in many forms,
Some are discovered, some are born.

The red hot passion of new found lovers,
The ocean depths passion of a mother.

Passion deeper than the volcanoes fire,
Passion unleashes the heart’s true desire.

Angry passions that can lead to burnout,
Social passions that give political clout.

Passion that fuels, passion that sustains,
Love transformed so compassion remains.

Passion can have it’s own particular resolve,
Passion that helps us improve and evolve.

Whatever is your truth, your deepest desire,
Be fully energized by passion’s fire.

April 8, 2015

Mixing Abundance With Pleasure

Please join me for a networking mixer “Mixing Abundance with Pleasure” at the Back Nine Grill & Bar, 555 Highway 17, Santa Cruz, CA (at the Pasatiempo Inn). Meet new people, find out how you can build your business success, and enjoy a prosperous evening networking. Remember to bring lots of business cards!

The Santa Cruz Women's Chapter of Leads Club is looking to expand our membership. We’ve been in existence 20 years, and support each other to grow our businesses.

Leads Club provides an effective means to increase business. Get business referrals and marketing tips from other women business owners. Build your public speaking and presentation skills. We are a networking club designed to expand members’ client base.

There is only one member in each business category. Right now, we’re especially interested in adding women in these categories: Nutritionist/Chef, Financial Advisor, Bookkeeper, Skin Care, Hair Stylist, House Cleaner, Psychotherapist, Personal Trainer, Seamstress, Landscaper/Gardener, Construction. We support each other!

We meet every Wednesday morning from 7:30-8:45am at 350 Encinal St. at the Goodwill offices (near Costco in Santa Cruz).

You are invited to attend a Wednesday morning meeting, or the mixer on April 9. Please contact me by email or phone for more information and to RSVP. Follow this link to our website.

April 1, 2015

Paths to Abundance Workshop

Paths to Abundance -

  • Got money issues?
  • Have a fear of failure?
  • Feel blocked in accepting abundance?

Then this is the right workshop for you! Overcome your inner obstacles and create a personal path to success.

Engage both your right brain and your left brain in an interactive program with Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD, Certified Hypnotherapist, designed to activate greater abundance and prosperity into your life.

 Loosely based on the book, The Medicine Woman’s Guide to Being in Business for Yourself: How to Live by Your Spiritual Vision in a Money-Based World by Carol Bridges, this group is open to ALL women and men seeking to create more affluence while maintaining a high level of integrity and a spiritual focus. We will focus on creating abundance and prosperity through guided meditations, interactive exercises and group synergy.

Bring a journal and a pen.

Saturday, April 11, 10:00 am to 12 noon

$20 drop in, materials provided. Limit 9 participants. Call or email for directions to Kayla's westside office.

The Westside Prosperity Circle offers monthly workshops to engage your creative spirit in an interactive program that will activate greater abundance and prosperity into your life.

Each workshops includes a meditation on abundance, lecture on a tool for prosperity, group exercise and check in. Participants are encouraged to post their work on Meetup.com.

This class was beyond expectation. Now I am grounded, guided and have a thriving new business. I will take this class again and again. This timeless information indeed opens you up to Abundance. Thank you Kayla - Kristine Barnes Garbini, Aromas, CA

Call (831) 435-5182 to register today!

March 25, 2015

Aries - Pure Potential

I am the embryo cradled in the world,
The fresh seed flowering in June,
The very beginning spark of the match,
The skeleton key that unlocks every latch.

The fertilized egg, waiting to be born,
Pure potential, calm before the storm,
The killer whale diving deep in the sea,
The infinite cosmos, the divine mystery.

The midnight cat who runs feral and wild,
The softest bunny held by the child,
The initial thought that becomes an idea,
The manifestor who makes things real.

Unrealized energy waiting to be free,
The pure potential to grow into me,
The opportunity, the workings of chance,
I am the choreographer of my own dance.

March 18, 2015

How Many Sessions Will It Take?

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive as a hypnotherapist is: how many hypnotherapy sessions will it take for my issue to be resolved?

Most people start with three sessions. The initial consultation is 90 minutes long to allow for a thorough intake. This is "the getting to know you" session. Usually we record a short hypnosis technique to be used between sessions. 

The second session is usually 60 minutes and dedicated to building up resources. Insights from the initial session and affirmations are combined with hypnosis techniques designed to build up the willpower "muscle".

The third session varies on the nature of the problem. It can be used for release of past trauma, managing current stressors/triggers, and/or for reinforcing the positive changes occurring. From there, we make a plan on what would be the most beneficial, depending on whether the client feels complete, would like to continue to explore their inner landscape, or has a different issue to be addressed.

Some people have complete resolution in one session, others take longer. Most people experience a subtle shift right away, which brings a sense of relief and being back in control of your life and the ability to make healthier choices. Simply picking up the phone is the first step to success, just as joining a gym or signing up for a yoga class is the first step - after that, showing up, practicing, and following through on your intentions is what creates truly long term, successful solutions.

One of the problems with hypnosis is how it is portrayed in the media - I do not have a pocket watch that induces instant trance with instant results. I would love to have a magic hypno wand that makes everything better, but the truth is, your issue is worth dedicating some time and investing some energy into, so as to truly have deep understanding and develop wisdom.

Statistics show that hypnotherapy has a 93% success rate after 6 sessions, as compared to a 38% success rate after 600 sessions for psychoanalysis (that's once a week for 12 years)*. While hypnosis has a different scope of practice than traditional talk therapy, it is a great adjunct and can be a way to accelerate the healing process.

Please call or email for more information or for an appointment and experience insights for personal growth and transformation today.

* Study by Dr. Alfred Barrios, published in American Health Magazine, August 2007