January 25, 2016

Angel of Time - Aquarius

An angel came to me with this message:
Always remember your time is precious.

Take the time to hone your craft,
Take the time to sing and laugh.
Go out and sit by the waterfall,
Dance With Love at the enchanted ball.

Take all day to contemplate your life,
Take a minute to let go of your strife.
Spend an hour walking in the forest shade,
Meditate upon the life that you have made.

Invest in your own self reflection,
Allow your deep desires to be resurrected.
Waste not a moment on worry or fear,
Focus instead on all that you hold dear.

Always remember this little rhyme,
There is nothing more valuable than your time.

Blessed Be.

December 23, 2015

Capricorn - The Surfer

She is comfortable in her skins,
Knows how to ride the waves of her emotions,
Always ambitious, gliding through shark infested waters,
Walking on the wind and feeling exaltation in her bones.

She is intimate with the tides,
And respects the workings of the moon.
Confident, hard working, she loves to teach
Others the mysteries of the waters.

Disciplined, she knows her limits.
Has excellent boundaries.
Paradoxically is limitless and boundless,
Deep within her core.

She struts her stuff,
Enjoys sand between her toes,
And no matter what beach, what ocean,
She is always at home.

December 10, 2015

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November 23, 2015

Sagittarius - The Truth Seeker

Soothsayer, Truth sayer
Tell me what you know
Seeker of knowledge
Show me where to go

Scholar of the earth
In touch with your fire
Teach me how
To harness my desire

Centaur woman
With your animal side
Won’t you please
Take me astride

She takes the time
To show me what to do
Focus, pull back,
and really follow through

Spilling lava of the volcano
Erupts after long dormancy
Creates new vistas
Escapes complacency

Sacred Kingfisher
Brings halcyon days
California Poppy
Commemorate her ways

Soothsayer, Truth sayer
Teach me the higher mind
Perpetual student of life
The philosopher who is kind.

October 21, 2015

The Destroyer of Sadness - Scorpio

"You can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness." - Goyte

I am she who dwells on the threshold,
I offer you salvation from that which claims your soul.
Are you willing to look in the mirror, see what holds you back?
Are you willing to accept your abundance as well as what you lack?

What do you really want, what will you sacrifice?
Are you willing to be real, not just being nice?
I am in touch with my power, blessing and curse,
I can bring out the best, I can bring out the worst.

I'm here to help end your fruitless searching,
Liberate your power, destroy what isn't working.
Remember you are a hero, not a victim,
Rebirth is here, honor your self creation.

"Oh Destroyer of Sadness, Come make me Whole." - Astarius