September 23, 2015

The Trapeze Artist - Libra

I am she who flies above the crowds,
I amaze, delight and thrill to the "wows!"
I seem to be dancing high in the air,
Without a single fear, worry, or care.

In this moment of sublime suspension
I am applauded, showered with attention.
I am bright and colourful, attractive and gay,
I make it look easy, but I practice each day.

Dressed in satin and ribbons of gold,
I know I am stunning, balanced, and bold.
I'm here with a purpose, a story to tell,
I love center stage, and I perform very well.

I develop my talents, my skills, and my art,
I will always be the trapeze artist at heart.

Blessed Be.

September 10, 2015

The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center

Monterey Bay National Marine
Sanctuary Exploration Center
Last spring I became a docent at The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center. The MBNMSEC is a visitors center to explore, educate, and create the connection with the ocean.

Front of the Exploration Center
This place is great - whether you just have ten minutes or a few hours. There are lots of interactive displays including a ROV - a mini submarine for exploring the deep sea - that you get to play with, as well as a great little video about the Monterey Bay and a Liquid Galaxy from Google.

Play with a ROV
Fun for kids, parents, teachers and visitors, well worth checking out. From tide pools to kelp forests, shipwrecks to creatures in the underwater canyon, come find out more at the Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center. I'm there on Friday afternoons, so you can get a personal tour!

Kelp Forest Display
The Sanctuary itself is underwater - ranging from San Francisco and going down to Cambria, about 30 miles out to sea, it is over 6,000 miles of protected ocean. Protected from what? Well, off shore drilling is number one, but also for endangered species, over-fishing, and so that we can enjoy a clean ocean for recreational activities, such as surfing and sailing.

View from the deck
The Monterey Bay Canyon begins in Moss Landing, and is as big as the Grand Canyon - except all under water. Cold water rises from the deep, bringing rich nutrients, which in turn attract the variety of marine life that lives and migrates through the sanctuary. We're talking about blue whales, humpback whales, sea lions, seals, otters, dolphins, and everyone's favorite predator - the white shark.

Juvenile Leatherback Turtle
Did you know that Leatherback Turtles swim from Santa Cruz to Indonesia to lay their eggs? They come here to feast on the jellies. Unfortunately, they will mistake a plastic bag for a jellyfish, which of course is undigestible, and can lead to starvation. Thank your city council for the ban on plastic bags, let's keep our marine life alive!

Whale Tail Sculpture
The Exploration Center will be getting lots of new displays this fall, so more to explore, more to enjoy. The Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center is located at 35 Pacific Ave, across from the entrance to the wharf. It is FREE admission (whoo-hoo!) although donations are always appreciated. Open Wednesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm., I hope to see you there soon!

August 26, 2015

Virgo the Virgin

She who is whole unto herself
She knows how to rejuvenate her health
Renew her spirit, regenerate her wealth
The artist, priestess and the healer

Strength of the lion, grace of the swan
Shy at times but loves to perform
Harvesting love before it is gone
She can be quite the heart stealer

A young face with an old soul
The epitome of self control
Imperfect in her perfection goal
Turns her break down into a breakthrough

Beautiful, graceful, wise beyond her years
She touches hope, dispels fears
And while this rose does have her tears
How will she touch you?

August 19, 2015


Here is a letter from one of my clients regarding using hypnosis to have the most positive birth experience possible:

Hi Ladies,

Just want to send a long overdue thank you to Joanne Gramo, L.Ac, Kayla Garnet Rose, Certified Hypnotherapist and Dr. Elizabeth Quinn for their wonderful support during pregnancy and after Noemi was born.

Joanne and I met about every two weeks for much of my pregnancy. She helped keep me relaxed and worked hard to keep my anxiousness to a minimum. These visits with Joanne were such a blessing… each time, I would drift off into la-la land and let all cares slip away… and snore. I believe that the ease of my pregnancy was largely due to her acupuncture treatments. The week of my due date, I was ready to get things moving. I had had enough of the difficulty of getting around and the what felt like every 5 minute-pee breaks. Joanne gave me a special labor stimulating treatment and some Chinese herbs to drink as a tea on Wednesday. I started drinking the tea Thursday and by Thursday night at midnight I was in labor. Woohoo! Joanne also offered her services if I experienced any complications during the labor process, which I thankfully did not need. She also followed up with me post pregnancy and assured me that my healing experiences were normal. Joanne - I am so appreciative of the time spent with you. You really work wonders.

Kayla and I met twice for a hypnobirthing session. Once at her office and once with Joanne for an acu-hip session. During the first session she spent a considerable amount of time talking with me about concerns and goals for my birthing experience. She asked pointed questions beyond the labor experience which I found especially helpful as my due date drew near. For instance, she asked how I invisioned my hospital experience, who would be in the room (if anyone) during the labor process, what the next couple days would be like postpartum and the eventual trip home with baby in tow. These were parts of the birth experience that I hadn't thought of much before she brought them to my attention. What was most helpful during the labor process was recalling the recorded hypnosession and her use of the words 'cool' and 'calm' water and the vivid transition of colors that we talked about to describe the 90 second ride through each contraction (Midnight blue turning into Caribbean blue). I made a vision board (picture attached) to represent the cool calm and blue colored water we talked about. Although I didn't look at it much while in actual labor, my ability to recall the hypnosessions and the act of making the vision board gave me something to concentrate on. Both doula and midwife were impressed with my ability to stay focused and breathe. I believe this was largely due to my time with Kayla. Thank you so much, Kayla! I know wholeheartedly that hypno-birthing had a huge impact on my labor experience.

Dr. Elizabeth Quinn and I met shortly after Noemi was born. I think it was week 3 or 4. With all the new weighted and unusual movements I was now making lifting baby, taking the car seat in and out of the car, nursing, changing etc. my back was more than tweaked. One morning I experienced a strange twinge in my back and decided to call Dr. Quinn. She was available the following day! With her magic touch, she realigned my vertebrae, pelvic bones, rib cage and shoulders. She also talked with me about important exercises to help encourage core strength. I left her office feeling much improved and with renewed attention to the importance of moving/lifting/shifting with thought and care. I haven't had to go back yet, but I will in a heartbeat if any further issues arise. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Motherhood is amazing, both extremely rewarding and challenging at the same time. I think of you all often and hope everyone is doing well! Have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

With much gratitude,


Ellie D. Whisner BS CNCCertified Nutrition Consultant

If you are pregnant (or even thinking about getting pregnant) and would like to experience hypnobirthing, please call or email for more information today!

August 12, 2015

Cuddle Meditation

A couple of years ago my sweetie and I went to some workshops on sexuality at our local (and tasteful) adult toy store, Pure Pleasure. The best thing we got out of it was "cuddle meditation" which we have now practiced consistently for two and a half years.

In the mornings, we tend to drink our tea and read/play on the computer for an hour or so. Then we go back upstairs and brush our teeth. Next we get back into bed (no clothes or pjs), and usually I lie on top of (since I'm smaller). We breathe together, hum, giggle, connect chakras, belly laugh, hold silence, and sometimes make love. This can last five to forty-five minutes, depending on work schedules, etc.

The effect has been incredibly positive. We both come from and practice very different spiritual beliefs, and this is way that we can "pray" together. We don't live together and only spend together time Friday through Monday. The first two years of our relationship the distance and separateness was an added strain. Since doing cuddle meditation, we both feel more calm and connected during the week, with much less insecurity and jealousy issues.

Also, when we do have conflict, we both take turns to speak our truth, then end up doing cuddle meditation. The next morning during cuddle meditation we check in to see if we had resolution and completion. This feels very safe, vulnerable and intimate, all at the same time. I highly recommend it.

Have you cuddled mindfully today?