April 14, 2009

I am Whole Unto Myself

I am a leader with no followers
I am a gypsy with no tribe
I am a nomad in the desert
With no one by my side

I am a single mother
Whose daughter is not home
I am a solitary witch
I practice my magic alone

I am a soulful wanderer
On a meandering path
I am a laughing mermaid
Splashing in my bath

I am a black winged raven
I am feathering my nest
I am a fiery hummingbird
Love is thrumming in my chest

I am a mountain lion
Roaring out of my cave
I am a purring cat
It is my life that I save

I am a white whale
I surface and go deep
I am a true beauty
But I am no longer asleep

I am a well read traveler
My journey is my destination
I banish all sorts of abuse
I drop all my hesitations

I am all by myself
I am happy and content
Each day and night I know
I live a life well spent

I am a big blue dragonfly
I drop all illusions now
I am a monarch butterfly
Transformation is how

I am a glittering fairy
With iridescent wings
I am a strong, strong Woman
Who dances, cooks and sings

I am grounded in the earth
I am filled with sacred fire
I am in touch with my emotions
I live my truth just to inspire

I am a leader with no followers
I am the queen of nobody
I am the goddess of everything
I love myself unconditionally

June 2004