November 13, 2007

My Key

What is a visionary consultant? In the simplest of terms, my job is to guide your body and mind to be in alignment, to experience balance in your heart and spirit. I am a faith healer, here to remind you that you hold the key to the gateway within. I am certified in both hypnotherapy and reiki, which I combine with tarot and astrology for holistic consultations. I have had my private practice for 19 years now.

My clients range from cancer patients to folks with phobias, people in deep grief or trapped in anxiety. For a complete mindbody experience, I combine my services with a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist and a nutritionist. Together we provide alternatives to surgery & prescription drugs, to live more vibrantly on all levels, physical & emotional.

I am a priestess, and spend most of my day in prayer, meditation, ritual or energy work. Luckily I am also a hedonistic pagan, and believe in exploring all aspects of sacred sexuality, so even masturbating is one of the ways I connect with the divine every day, besides for blogging. I am blessed to live in a community that supports my livelihood and encourages alternative practices,and to work with other highly trained professionals in my field.

Anyway, this is my newest tat, a few months old, still kinda itchy and raised - smack in the middle of my spine, the artist had an incredibly light touch and was done in under an hour. Part of the tat looks like the symbol for Chiron, the Wounded Healer (go ahead, Google it, I know you want to). Chiron's message is: how do you change your deepest wound into your greatest gift?

Logo by Cherie Lovedog, Lovedog Tattoo Studio, Santa Cruz 2007.