November 26, 2007

Talking to myself

“Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we will never cease to be amused.” - anon

Some things I know about myself:
I am self reliant, self sufficient, and self supported.
I am self employed - I get to choose my OWN eighty hours a week.
I am self disciplined, extremely organized & efficient.
I have self worth, self respect, and self esteem.
I self pleasure, I am self satisfied, I am self contained.
I am self actualized, self fulfilled, and self regenerating.
I am frickin' lonely.

Years ago, in one of those true, new age hippy dippy santa cruz crunchy granola moments, I decided to marry myself. I loved my boyfriend dearly, but realized at some point we were never going to hear those wedding bells.

So I wrote some lovely vows to myself, bought myself a beautiful, expensive diamond & opal ring set in white gold, went to the ocean for a ritual with myself, and witnessed myself promising to love myself.

Well, time went on & I realized I was pretty bored with myself. Not wanting to cheat on aforementioned boyfriend, I decided to have an affair with myself. Every time he took a shower, I reached for the hitachi. Ditto when he mowed the lawn. It got to the point when my affair was taking over my life, and I caught myself sneaking off at parties to do myself in the bathroom.

Of course, once I stopped putting energy into my real relationship... well, that’s another story. So I found myself by myself, feeling all lonely and bitter, and wondering why I was single. Then it occurred to me - I wasn’t available! I was still always with myself!

So I divorced myself. Yep, went back down to the ocean, thanked myself for all the wonderful gifts from the relationship with myself, and chucked that expensive-ass diamond ring into the ocean. I still wonder who will it find it.

I love myself and I’m still best friends with myself, in fact, right now, I’m going to go play with myself. If you don’t think I’m a complete kook, come play with me sometime... I’m finally free!