December 21, 2007

3 Changes

Three changes I have made which have improved my life tremendously:

When I was married, TV guide ran our life. I disconnected cable when we divorced, eleven years ago. I enjoy movies & dvds, love tv at a friends house, but the gift of time and being on my own schedule is immeasurable. I read, do art, play games, garden, run my business, and of course, blog instead.

No alarm clock

Once I stopped going to bed according to the TV schedule, I started going to bed whenever I felt tired & naturally waking up at dawn. I sleep a lot - 9 or 10 hours a night. I also got rid of all the clocks in the house, besides for one in the kitchen & one upstairs, which, like my car, are all set 10 minutes fast. This little trick has worked for years to get me everywhere on time, and has led to me to theorize about "personal time zones".

No scale

I haven't owned a scale in almost twenty years, and weigh myself about 2-3 a year - at the doctor's office & at my parents house. No matter what the numbers, I trip myself out. Body image is not about actual size, but perceptions of self. Getting rid of that scale was getting rid of my daily judgment and has helped me love my body throughout all of it's fluctuations.

What three changes have most improved your life?