January 1, 2008

Bag Lady

Here I am
With all my baggage
Here I am
Take me as I am

Here I am
With all my emotional baggage
Here I am
With all of my burdens

Here I am
Complete with all my luggage
Packed with the past
Bursting with stories

Take me as I am
This is how I come, complete
With all my crap, all my stuff
This is what I come with

But I’ve got a grip
Yeah, I’ve got a handle on things
And anything I can’t carry
I just let go
I just let slip

Here I am, with all my baggage
To get me through my trips
Yeah, guilt trips power trips ego trips
I might have a lot of baggage
But at least I’ve got a grip

In my left hand is my heart
Full of sorrow from betrayal
In my right hand is my head
Full of doubts and regrets
And on my back is my burden
Weighing me down with my fears
And in my arms is my child
And a frying pan, and a pen
And in my head is the world
And war and global warming
And in my mind
Is everything I’ve ever done wrong
And in my soul
I struggle to find my song...

But deep down in my front pocket
I’ve got this little zipped up purse
Full of change...

Change of mind
Change of heart
Change of attitude
Change of underwear
Change is my friend, yeah

And it might seem to you
That I have a lot of baggage
But I’ve got a handle on it
Yeah, I’ve got a grip
And anything I can’t hold on to
I just let go,
I just let slip

And now I don't expect you
To take on my baggage
No, I just want you

To pick up your own
Get a handle on it, get a grip

While we walk on this road
While we travel together
Or else we let go
We just let slip

Take me as I am
Even with all my baggage
Take me as I am
Because I’m a package deal...