October 24, 2007

Money Meditation

I am a skilled practitioner of the healing arts and an excellent businesswoman. I have many, deeply satisfied repeat clients, who pay me highly, and who spread the kind word to their friends and family who would also benefit from my services. I know that work is love made visible, and I enjoy my chosen path in creating right livelihood for myself and my loved ones.

I am wise with my money. I dedicate part to pay off my debts easily and effortlessly; part for my savings, which I then invest and watch grow; and the remainder I live on in comfort and moderation. I am now in a position to bless money as it goes out to pay my bills and pleasures, knowing it will return threefold.

I live each day feeling wealthy, open-hearted and free. I trust that I will have what I need because I trust the financial wisdom within myself. I trust that money comes into my life to provide what I need. I am responsible with my money, and I am generous with my money. I contribute to all that I want to see flourish in myself, my family, my community, & my charities.

I am now truly at peace with money.
Blessed Be.