January 28, 2008

Prayer to Pluto

Dear Hades
Work for me now
I have spent nine long months
Descending into your realms
All has been transformed
I have danced with death
Again and again

My lovership died, my passion and companion
My friendships died, leaving me wide open and alone
My garden died, leaving me barren in places
My cat died, by my own two hands
My business died, and I still need to support myself...

Dear Hades
Work for me now
As you turn stationary direct
Let me ascend as Innana, Persephone
Let me be reborn
As I acknowledge your lessons
Again and again

My lover ignored me, and I was drowning in misery
My friends used me to perpetuate their addictions
My garden was riddled with termites and disease
My cat was sick and suffering from old age
My business was spiraling me deeper into debt

Dear Hades
Work for me now
I am no longer afraid
I have been stripped bare
I embrace my shadow
And find myself the virgin
Whole and complete
Again and again

I am my lover, my passion and companion
I am my friend, I bring out the best in me
I am my garden, mature and wise in my cycles
I am my cat, independent, loyal and playful
I am my business, loving and supporting my family

Dear Hades
Thank you for these lessons learned
I will apply them diligently
I will work with you now
No longer resisting your power
Or denying mine
I am phoenix from the flame
Again and again

New lover, come to me, passion and companion
New friends, come to me, let me share wide open and together
New seeds, come to me, fill my garden with abundance
New animal guide, come to me, feel the love of my two hands
New career, come to me, as I support my self and thrive

Dear Hades
Thank you for abducting me
Stripping me of my crown, my jewels
I stand naked
Knowing who I am
Again and again

I am dragon, I am rebel, I am grace of the swan
I am the wise crone and healing Chiron combined
I am my own garden of earthy delights
I am Aphrodite, Artemis and Amaterasu
I am Bast and Uzume, and I thank you

Thank you Hades
For Changing me
Into me...