November 14, 2007

Yes! Anything is Possible

I am walking on my path, I am aware of my stride
I don’t know where I am because I’m really journeying inside
I know my intention is to gather up information
The more I travel, the more I know - The journey is my destination

There is cool blue sky above me, and the good old earth below
I walk the path in the middle of dark forest and sweet meadow
Golden hills of California dipping down to gray sea
Heat and sun in contrast to the shade of the redwood tree

Walking along, singing my song, snake quickly crosses my path
Out of the light, just out of sight, Coyote has the last laugh
Coyote, my guardian, coyote my love -
We no longer walk this path together
But we will always be true friends -
And see each other through any weather

I believe we create our destiny, I believe we create our own fate
Go back to the forest, Coyote - And find your coyote mate
For I am a bird woman - I take to the sky
In these moments of transendance, I know I was born to fly

It seems it’s been so long now, I have walked my path alone
But I have been feathering my nest - I have been building a home
Now I am in a hang glider, suspended in the air
I have a new perspective on my worries & my cares

Purple with rainbow edges, strapped in, safe as can be
The higher I spiral upwards, the more I leave my story behind me
I see pennants in the breeze - A festive village beckons below me
Flags & ribbons, music & laughter, a place filled with magic & beauty

I land in the center, I am in the middle of it all
At last I’ve found my circle - The place where I can stand tall
I am a leader without followers. I have been exiled in the past
I’m here to share, I’m here to learn - I’m here for as long as it lasts

I need to adapt, I need to adopt, I need my tribe, I need my community
I need my kin, to be one with my kind - And one of a kind, unique & free
I am here to serve, and here to give
I am here to receive - I am here to live

I am here for information - I go to see the shaman
She is wise, she is wonderful, the gypsy in her caravan
Laden with herbs, hanging from the ceiling,
satin cushions covered the floor
She reads the stars, she reeds the cards -
And then she shares even more

She anoints me with oil, every chakra, head to toe
Sweet lavender, clary sage, parsley, and a drop of mistletoe
I am grateful to be here - I am grateful to reach her
I have found my next home, I have found my next teacher

I set off on a journey, I knew anything was possible
I said yes to my self because I know I am capable
I am walking on my path - I am aware of my stride
I know exactly where I am - Because I journey inside.