February 8, 2008

Been a little tied up lately...

I feel like I've been missing my blogdom. I was pretty gosh darn sick with the flu for quite awhile - but at least in my fevered state the desire for Brie & jello percolated in my frying brain cells and launched my blogging career on another site. Ask me about it over a beer sometime.

I have been busy creating a website for the office, as well as designing both a flyer for our lecture series and a brochure for our collective. Since I am a frustrated graphic designer at heart, many happy hours have been immersed in aligning texts, uploading photo's and scrutinizing punctuation marks. I look forward to mailing out my little creations, as I feel quite proud of my current office geek accomplishments.

Amber decided to make me a treasure hunt to cheer me up. She chose words as clues that led me around the house to discover a trove of antique buttons. Each room had it's own theme, but by far my favorite led right upstairs to my computer, with the single word: "Blog".

What are you doing to keep your spirits up?