February 9, 2008

Recycled Valentine

Valentine for Romeo

It was a Sunday afternoon
After we had just first kissed
I felt that I could name
What is was that I missed
But still I felt afraid, I felt confused
Although that’s when I first knew
That I loved you

It was a moonlit night
And you were fast asleep
I reached to touch your lashes
My fingers brushed your cheek
I hoped that in your dreams
You could somehow hear
The words I longed to say
As I whispered in your ear
That I loved you

It was a bright October day
As we cruised along the coastline
Sitting on the back of your bike
I was feeling just fine
My hands were warm in your pockets
I was feeling quite proud
The roar of the wind made it safe
For me to practice saying out loud
That I loved you

Your smile lit up my world
But for so long I felt broken inside
I didn't know what to believe
I felt scared, I felt shy
But you touched me so tender and deep
I thought about you night and day
I felt a return of happiness and
I wanted to tell you in a thousand ways
That I loved you

You held me all through the night
You kissed away my tears
Your kindness gave me courage
Your patience dispels ,my fears
Now all I want to do, all I want to say
Is to hold you close each 7 every day
And to tell you in a voice loud and true
I love you, I love you
I love you...

February 1998