February 10, 2008

Yes, I do need another hole in my head...

I first got my earlobes pierced in 5th grade, when I was living in Luxembourg, of all places. It was 1976, punk was just blooming, mohawks were sprouting, and "splitting a pair" became the new bonding ritual.

By the time I started boarding school in England in the 7th grade, I already had five holes. I moved to America in 9th grade, when my brother got a hold of a piercing gun, and suddenly I had seven.

I pierced my nose (by myself, which I do not recommend) my second day in California, at the ripe age of twenty. Much later, when I owned my bookstore, we provided ear piercing services. Each new employee would need training, and I always had space, so over time I had a few more.

On my daughter's tenth birthday, after a treasure hunt filled with delicious clues & discovered jewels, I pierced both her ears & she pierced one of mine. Mother-daughter bonding at it's best, at least until we get matching tattoos.

Once I put a syringe needle all the way through my finger while giving my boyfriend his testosterone shot. I thought it would make an interesting piercing, albeit impractical.

I now have 12 in my left ear, 4 in the right, my nose pierced twice, and my labia once (that's another story). I let my nipple piercing close up after a year of never healing. I really do recommend going to a professional piercer who uses a needle over a piercing gun for anything other then your tender little lobes...

How many piercings do you have?