March 24, 2008

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

The Emperor Wears No Clothes
8.5" x 11.00"
kgr 2007

IV-The Emperor: (Traditional meaning) Represents the male side of nature. usually shown seated on a throne, dressed in formal robes or armor, signifying material wealth through inner strength. He is an authority who holds power and represents the desire to take control of life. He has the ability to organize and structure, to create order out of chaos, and to realize goals through the courage of convictions.


3 Stages of Man
Boy, flying high in the sky, in perfect trust and faith
Father, Naked in his Truth, Splendid in his Being
Elder, “Growing old is not for sissys”

Eagle: Soar with Great Spirit, Take Heart, Follow Joy
Stag: Gentle Warrior of the Hidden Glen
Bear: Go within to find the answers
Salmon: Rejuvenate, Regenerate, Re energize, Rebirth
Lion: Take Proper Pride in Your Self
Frog: Cleanse and refresh with your tears in the rain
Goat: Climb the mountain of your ambitions
Chanticleer: Sing in the new dawn
Turtle: Be at Home in water or land, Be grounded on Mother Earth
Beaver: Make today count towards manifesting your goals
Skunk: Attract what you need in order to grow
Snake: Transmute old poisons & shed the skins of the past
Peacock: Be the Jewel in Crown Chakra
Key: Hope, Imagine, Believe: Open all Possibilities

Blessed Be!