April 3, 2008

Money Tree Meditation

Money Tree Meditation
• Draw a tree (or copy one of these) with branches reaching into the sky, and roots going into the earth. What kind of tree comes to mind? Oak, bamboo, willow, fir, pine... notice which feels right to you. Make it simple, add a little grass or a backdrop with mountains, whatever you like.

• In the trunk of the tree, put in your face or whole being, a favorite quote or affirmation, the meditation below or even just the words, “I am the Source”.

• In the branches, write in all your sources of abundance, including income, trades, dividends, inheritances, gifts, alimony, all other sources of financial support, etc.

• In the roots, write in all your resources, including education, past jobs, family, property, investments, fields of expertise, experience, etc.

• For the leaves, go around each branch with a green pen and make dollar signs. Cover it!

• In the mountains, write in your financial goals and dreams.

• In the grass, write in what you are providing to the universe, for example:
• I provide food, clothing & shelter for myself & my family
• I provide space and energy for my clients
• I provide jobs in my community, from restaurants to utility services
• My taxes provide for community services including schools, parks, roads,& health care
• I provide stability for myself, knowing the seasons turnings.

I am a
Money Tree.
I am the Source.
I let go of suckers, prune away dead wood,
make room for new growth.
I dig my roots deep into the rich soil and
open my leaves to the rich air
to draw in what I need
to grow and blossom into my fullest potential.
In return I give my gifts generously,
knowing my thoughts & ideas
are like the leaves on the tree -
I let go and give the gift of usable energy.
I am provide shade and beauty,
a place to nest, and
a way to recycle, renew & revive.
Blessed Be.