May 30, 2008

Mercury Retrograde

Way back in the day, when I worked at Aries Arts down in Capitola Village with my soul sister Emma, our boss Joanne would always call this period Mercury Retrospect (bless her heart). As appropriate as that actually is, sometimes I think of it as Mercury Retrofuck. However it is that you get through this time, remember to take nothing personally, plan for delays, and to quote from the play 8x10 Glossy:

Do what moves you and rationalize in retrospect.

from Rambling Rose News:
Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retro in Gemini at 22 degrees from May 26 to June 13 (stationary direct at 13 degrees Gemini), reaching origination on July 4 (Happy Independence day!).

Back up your computers, clean out your files, check contracts three times before signing, and review, review, review. Take nothing personally as extremes in communication are to be expected in this time period. Make way for new growth on all levels of your being.

For more information contact your local astrologer.