June 8, 2008

Kicking Ass

Dear Clara and Dio,

I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I am enjoying Zumba with Clara & Brenda at Minorsan. I have recently been taking free classes at other studios in Santa Cruz, and it has made me aware of a few things I’d like to share:

• I appreciate the warm & friendly way I have been greeted, right from the start. The Thank You card was a nice follow up, and I am impressed with how personable everyone has been at Minorsan.

• I appreciate how clean and tidy you keep the studio. It is bright & cheery, well lit, and I notice everything done beautifully, from how well the garden is maintained to the lack of clutter in the office. The changing room & bathrooms are always clean & tidy. It is truly a pleasure to attend your studio.

• I appreciate that you start and stop on time! Without knowing anything about martial arts myself, I appreciate a sense of discipline & orderliness of Minorsan that comes through in your Zumba classes.

• I appreciate how much you kick ass! This class is by far the sexiest, most fun, and most heart pumping work out in all the sessions I’ve attended in Santa Cruz! In just a month, I notice my body & endurance changing, and a continue to laugh when I catch myself smiling in the mirror. I love this class, and all it inspires in me.

There are other things, ranging from excellence in music to the time you take to teach the steps to the fact that using a head set makes a huge difference to the student. The only thing I would want different is for Zumba to be offered every day. Thank you so much for offering this class.

I will continue to invite my friends & colleagues to your class, as well as promote both Minorsan & Zumba for excellence in fitness.

Blessed Be,