July 26, 2008

Fresh start

At 7:30 this morning, I walked in to Coffeetopia for my daily cup o' joe. When I got to the counter, the big urn had just run out. "Just a minute" said my favorite barrista, deftly popping on a fresh batch in it's stainless steel container on the hot plate.
I meandered over to the condiments bar - this time the half & half was out. "Wow. Looks like my day to run out." I thought to myself. Immediately I caught my own negative thinking - what a way to sabotage my whole day, starting this early in the morning!

I plopped the pitcher on the counter and smiled over at the staff for a refill. I waited as he pulled the chilled creamer from the fridge. I said, "Looks like my day for a fresh start!"

Remember, don't accept the dregs of life - wait for the freshness instead!