September 9, 2008

Marie Laveau

I heal my voice
I heal my heart
I speak my truth
First and foremost unto myself
I sing the words
of Afia Walkingtree:

I am Alive
I am Beautiful
I can do anything
I put my heart and love in to...

Marie Laveau
Queen of Voodoo
Lives in my helpful people corner

I honor her with
Two black feathers
For the Raven’s nest in the east
Red and pink candles
For Romance and Passion in the south
Two white cowrie shells
For Yoni love in the West
A black velvet pouch
filled with love herbs in the North

I cut the red tape
And write my respectful request
On a parchment scroll
Pay with blessed money
And seal the spell with wax

As Venus goes direct
This is the center
As above, so below

She smiles at me, arms crossed
Chanticleer and red medicine pouch
Papa Legba and Zombi the snake
Gentle Jesus and Fierce Gabriel
The magic of New Orleans
Mother, Healer, Priestess, Consoler, Counselor
Your legacy lives on...

June 2004