November 8, 2008

Another Day


I am going to take care of myself
I am going to drink good, strong coffee
I am going to feed myself

It is raining, so
The garden is watered

I am at Herland
I will take care of this beautiful space
And enjoy these last few days

I make my list
For this afternoon:

Go to the batting cages
To practice having fun

And all the way to the bank
I will be laughing

Then to New Leaf
Buy more good food
To feed my body

Afterwards to Logos
for more good books
To feed my head

Go by the stereo place
To fix my amplifier
Music feeds my soul

Call John the Mechanic
To fix my fuses
So I can signal
My intentions

Today's affirmation:
I have plenty of time
And every moment counts

I always take the time
To put myself first
And do what’s right for me

June 2004