March 8, 2009


As you ponder your path
I wonder if I am a distraction
Where has there been union
Where is there faction
Each step we take,
each tiny action
What was a response,
What has been the reaction

I can chart the stars
or cast the cards
to give you more information
But the truth is
it’s up to you
To decide your destination
If you want to know
Where you need to go
Try to google map
Your own imagination

There's times it seems so clear
Times the fog is dense
When I left you at the crossroads
You were still leaning on that fence
You make your choices,
you decide
Let your heart
be your guide

And though the parting
felt hard there in the end
In my heart of hearts
I think of you as a friend
And I’ll always smile
when I remember we shared
Something more
than a few molecules of air.