March 29, 2009

Seabright Musings

Can’t seem to sleep, can’t seem to eat
Feels like my stomach is tied up in knots
Can’t seem to let go, can’t seem to move on
Wonder what the hell is causing this gut rot?

Classroom head lice, house might have termites,
Only rich in cat hair, pollen and dust bunnies
Can’t seem to get sleep, can’t seem to breathe deep
And now don’t you know, the IRS wants all my money...

It is a sunny spring day in lovely Santa Cruz, and I am sipping a Pelican Ale at the Seabright Brewery, listening to a rather raucous band do poor covers from somewhere half a block away. Apparently it is a benefit for a taxi cab driver who died a few years ago, leaving wife & children, which softens my heart if not my ear drums.
I have not been on any of my blogs in what seems like days & days, and I miss my various & sundry audiences. I went to several doctors over the last week after experiencing chest pains, and have been diagnosed with gerd, which is further constricting my breathing, causing asthma, but more importantly, made me feel like I was having a heart attack.

Being sick is stressful, but going to the doctors is too, bringing up childhood memories of constantly being hospitalized, constantly having my mom yell at me to take my medications. I resist western medicine as a result, and instead choose to treat my symptoms with acupuncture, herbs and nutrition.

My next big project will be to rip out all the carpeting in the house & either install wood, cork, bamboo or tile. While the doctor recommends getting rid of the cats, I’d rather cut off my hands. I can compromise by making them live outdoors and getting an air filter, boosting my immune system and receiving NAET.

So I order my Jiggy’s Pub Club on whole wheat and a side salad with no tomatoes. I’m looking at eliminating coffee (gasp!) no more french fries or chips & salsa for me either. Life looks a little bland, but better without the heart burn. Kinda like my love life...

(Time passes) I have now switched to their Lighthouse Amber, half my lunch boxed away for dinner. While the beer has improved, the music has not, and I may need to move locals sooner rather than later. I have been musing on Pan and my path of paganism, spring thaws in Idaho and my daughter’s “first date” yesterday. More to follow...

Thanks to those of you checking in. You know who you are. I do appreciate it.