June 13, 2009

Earth Day

It was Celebrate Earth Day
And I was wandering the booths
Demonstrating solar ovens
Here in sunny Santa Cruz

Eating fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
Heated up by just the sun rays
Sipping Mountain Brewery organic beer
Learning about more sustainable ways

Whole Foods and New Leaf
Hand out reusable grocery bags
Local teachers, artists and crafts
Use wool, buttons and rags

Pockets of music seemed to
Fill up any empty space
I walked up to your tent
You met me with an embrace

There is no doubt in me
When our bodies fit together
There is no denying
This feeling light as a feather

We held each other
Just that little bit too long
And I was surprised to find
I had a new heart song

Reducing despair,
Recycling the past
Reusing my emotions
To make something that lasts

But the moment I come back to
On this sunny Earth day
Was that you got up to greet me-
And you met me half way.

kgr april 2009