July 18, 2009

Kisses on Your Fingertips

Before we love with our hearts we love with our imagination. -Anon

I am thinking about you, I am thinking about you, I am thinking about you. I am thinking about kissing your fingertips. Kissing your finger tips. Kissing. Your fingers. Tips. I am kissing kissing your palm. I am kissing your wrist. I am kissing the skin just inside your elbow. Oh yes.

You don't even know it but I know you can feel it, you who seem to be a million miles away. I see you in my bedroom. I see you in my bed. I see you on the right side. I see you on the left. I see you under me. I see you over me. I see you. I feel you. I smell you. I taste you. I welcome you.

You are in my bed. You are in my bath. You are in the hall. You are in the kitchen. You are in the garden. You are in my car. You are my holding my hand. We are walking up the steps to be welcomed in. I imagine every moment in infinite detail and I smile. I smile. I smile.

I am kissing your finger tips. I am kissing your palms. I am laying your hand against my cheek and looking deeply into your eyes. I am listening to your words, watching your lips, the curl of your tongue, the pulse in your throat. I am listening to your story, listening to your day, listening to your life. I am open and receptive. I drink you in.

We are dancing in the living room. We are swaying in the breeze. We are spooning in a hammock. We are walking down a path. Our steps are in rhythm and we match each other's stride, and in you I take my hope, in you I see my pride.

I am thanking my angels and thanking my guides. I am kissing your fingertips, I'm grateful to be by your side.