September 16, 2009

Letting Go

If a picture speaks
A thousand words
Today I let go
Of volumes

I send this box of memories
In perfect love and perfect trust
I release myself
Of a hundred pictures of you

Going through my past
Meeting your eyes a hundred times
I am Calypso
Soon I will journey to Lesbos

I no longer hold you close
I am complete I am closed
I never told you my heart
And now I keep my silence

I let go of your drinking
I let go of your surgery
I let go of my misery
I let go of my unfulfilled hopes

With a clean heart,
And my song in the wind
I let you go

The root of my success
Is no more compromise
I listen to my inner voice
I am my own authority

I am my own best friend
I am here now
I never lost my best friend
Because I am

I never lost love
Because I am
I regain myself
And the ability to speak truth

My karma is
To examine these past lives
And to birth myself

I am floating with the moon
Waiting for the tide to turn
But the ashes of my past
Will never return

I am free
I am clear
Let the universe deliver
My message to you

If a picture speaks
A thousand words
Today I send you
A whole library

August 2004