October 1, 2009

Day 1: Thoughts on Abundance

I am currently teaching a course on Creative Abundance: Nine Weeks to Greater Prosperity at Twin Lakes College. In the first class we did a meditation to answer 9 essential questions and to come up with 9 essential answers to each. The homework was to finish the lists & then illustrate each section with a drawing, photo, or collage. I decided to post mine to my blog over the next nine days, as the internet has an amazing way to amplify energy and put thoughts & energy out to the Universe. The first question is: what does abundance mean to me?

1. Abundance of Money means I can buy what I want and what I need
2. Abundance of Time means I can do whatever I want to, whenever I want
3. An Abundance of Clients means I can earn right livelihood
4. An Abundance of Health means I have energy and viality, and feel great in my body
5. An Abundance of Love means I can give generously and serve my community
6. Abundance means planting the seeds of peace, seeds of love, seeds of change and seed money; sharing the harvest, and being wise enough to save for my future
7. An Abundance of Power means I can lead and I can follow
8. Abundance of Wealth means I can love my house, my garden, my car, my furniture, my clothes - I appreciate my assets and my assets appreciate
9. An abundance of Helpful People means I have all the resources i need, as well as being a resourceful person. I am always guided and always provided.

Blessed be my Abundant Life!

Take a moment to ponder & then tell me, what does abundance mean to you?