October 2, 2009

Day 2: What are my Intentions?

"Abundance is, in a large part, an attitude." It all starts with affirmations, and that oh so important question, what are my intentions?

My intentions:
1. I will quit my part time job and have a full time private practice
2. I will grow my practice so that I am booked one month in advance and I need to refer out to other practitioners
3. I will increase my classes at Twin Lakes
4. I will pay off my current debts easily and effortlessly
5. I will invite my life partner to live with me and share our resources
6. I will continue to fund my trust
7. I will publish my book of spells
8. I will publish and sell my meditation cds
9. I will design 2 websites a month for other healing practitioners

Blessed be my Abundant Life!

Take a moment to ponder & then tell me, what are your intentions?