October 3, 2009

Day 3: What do I love about Abundance?

"Speak to the queen within, and the queen will answer" -Norwegian proverb

To be in gratitude is to recognize what we are grateful for, what we value in our lives. Today's key question is: What do I LOVE about Abundance? What do I appreciate? What do I enjoy? Writing goals and steps to goals are key in achieving what we desire. Whether you journal or blog, start by listing what you love...

1. I love going out to eat, eating well, eating healthy & organic foods
2. I love paying my bills the day they arrive without a second thought
3. I love buying my kid a new netbook and want to buy her stuff she can use
4. I love buying garden stuff - especially mulch
5. I love having time to myself
6. I love having good boundaries and being able to say "no" to overextending myself
7. I love feeling strong and healthy in my body
8. I love contributing to my community
9. I love adoring/adorning myself, with beautiful clothes and jewels, taking the time with my skin and hair, treating myself as a queen...

Blessed be my Abundant Life!

Take a moment to ponder & then tell me, what do you love about Abundance?