October 25, 2009


I invite love now, with an open heart.
I have learned from my past experiences, let go of old baggage,
and arrive with excellent relationship skills and communication tools.
I have good boundaries, I am low maintenance, and I am great in bed.
I welcome love, with open hands now.

I invite union now, with an open mind.
I welcome communion and communication.
The graceful art of co-responding.
I know we will create together in partnership
what we could not create alone.
We combine our energies for the greatest good.
We co-operate and complement each other.
I welcome unity, with open voice now.

I invite marriage now, with open eyes.
My mirror, my mate, my match.
I welcome you to share my home and my bed,
to meet my family and friends,
to feel a part of my fierce tribe.
We combine our resources and fuel each others fire,
nourishing and sustaining our soul's deeper purpose.
I welcome my best friend, my life's companion, my most significant other.
I welcome marriage, with an open arms now.

Blessed Be.