October 15, 2009

Life Path

I walk confidently along my life path—
I go at my own pace, at my own rhythm, in my own stride.
I have everything I need, and nothing in excess.
I know my purpose.
I live with intention and I love with intention.

All doorways are open to me now, and I choose carefully.
Deliberating my options, I ponder where will my energy by optimum.
Creating a structure that supports me - Flexibility is key
Everything has led up to this moment
And I'm curious to explore what is up ahead-
Just around the next bend.

I allow myself fluidity
all streams feed my tributary
An abundance of options and opportunities

I am a professional, I am active, I am pro-active
I love my occupation, it keeps me occupied
I love my work, I love my career
My work is love made visible
I love my life's work.

I am on my life path now
Walking at my pace, walking in my stride
Pleased to discover
You at my side.

Blessed Be.