October 31, 2009

Power Prayer

I am a powerful being, no less than god herself.
Let me use my power for good today,
and let all good things come from my being in my power.

I influence my daughter, my clients, my students.
Let me always be conscious and aware,
to be as supportive and encouraging as possible,
demonstrating the tools and modeling the habits
that have helped me on my path.

Let me feel in control -
Of my emotions, my money, my life.
I allow myself order and routine, the creation of systems that work,
and overall improvements in all areas of my life.
I am active in my own evolution.

Let me manage my energies wisely,
and appreciate all my assets
- love, intelligence, health, wealth, and property.

Let me pass the power stick when my turn is done -
I step up to being Leader and I keep the pace as a Follower.
I help others achieve their goals, which helps me achieve mine.

Let me take charge of my life,
holding onto the reins of desire to impel my being forth.
I now use my power to acheive my deepest ambitions and heartfelt goals.
I am empowered by everything today.

Blessed be.