October 19, 2009

Progress in Ancestry

Blessed be my immediate family:
Siv, Elio, Antonio, Amber

Blessed be my extended family:
Linda, Gerald, Teresa, Alfonso, Silvana, Bengt, Anita, Maria, Thomas, Peter, Sue

Blessed be my great grandmothers and great grandfathers,
all the generations past, touching my DNA and my collective consciousness

Blessed be my cats, my familiars and my kin:
Poppy, Mango, Sharkey, Lily, Rosie, Sadie, CJ, Alex, Cotton, Babylon, Fatty, Cori

Blessed be my healthy body, strong mind, clear skin, firm muscles, good eyesight, great hearing, strength and flexibility, stamina and endurance.

Blessed be my inheritances, that which I pass on to my future generations:
My home, garden, car, art, furniture, clothes, jewelry, books and toys.

Blessed be my education:
I am the first woman in the family to graduate college. Let my daughter see the value in higher pursuits and take herself beyond all my imaginings.

Blessed be my friends, consistent and true:
Jen, Elizabeth, Z, JoJo, Lisa, those on FaceBook & beyond...

Blessed be my communities, may I contribute to your growth & prosperity:
Santa Cruz, GLBT, Pagan, Californian, American, Humitarian

Blessed be my ancestry in nature:
Redwood trees, gray whales, ravens, hummingbirds
the patience of the ant, the creativity of grandma spider

Blessed be my guardian angels:
Michael and Uriel

Blessed be the Universe:
Thank you to the stars and the planets
For providing the tides and rhythms
The ways home to my heart

Blessed be the ancient Mother
Goddess of us all.