November 6, 2009

Exercise 1: What was "play" like as a girl?

When I was a girl
I would play
In my imagination
Throughout the whole day

I'd create my own stories
let my mind wander far
Every time we went any where
Especially in the car
When I was a girl
And because I was sick
I had to make things up
Yep, that was the trick

My brother was busy
My dad wad too
my mom was gone
But was I blue?

When I was a girl,
In my hospital bed
Nothing could compare
To what was in my head

Some kids were mean
and didn't want to play
I felt lonely & isolated
Sometimes quite gray

When I was a girl
At times it felt so fake
All that pretense
Was just a big escape

I realize it now
I spent my life in fantasy
Now as an adult
I try to create my reality

When I was a girl
I'd dream day and night
When I was a girl

It's what kept my heart light.

-kgr 2009