November 2, 2009

Let Me Be Known

"Your reputation always precedes you" - Chinese proverb

Let me be known as intelligent and creative, brilliant and sparkling, always inspiring. Let my reputation be as a great business woman, a compassionate healer, a knowledgeable teacher, an excellent mother and a renaissance woman.

Let my fame be for being a good listener, the keeper of the tavern, the keeper of confidences. Always the deep reflective mirror, a soothsayer who tells the truth in gentle and kind ways that the truth may be heard and responded to in appropriate ways.

Let my fire bring warmth to those who seek its' comfort and illumination, may none be singed or harmed by my sparks of passions or electrical emotions. But I here Mae West chuckling in my ear: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Let me be seen as authentic and original, beautiful and eclectic, quirky, queer, and quintessentially whole. Let my reputation light my way like a lantern in the dark, contained and self-sustained.

Let me be known for my integrity, my loyalty, my wit and my wonder.

Blessed Be.