November 16, 2009

Thoughts on Work & Play

Work is love made visible - Anon.

"The best part about being self-employed is you get to choose your OWN eighty hours a week."- Random joke

As I self-employed person, let alone as a single mom, I have to choose between working all the time or playing at my work. I choose play. Everyday I find myself changing my language - I play with my clients, I play on my computer, I play in the garden, I even play house. And yes, I play with money...

Everything in my house is painted - "People with no TV, what should we paint tonight?" From murals on the walls to the glass on the kitchen cabinets, every light fixture to the toilet in the guest bathroom, everything is decorated in one form or another. Gunilla Norris says,

Ah, time to dust again
Time to appreciate by touch
what I love and cherish
The most...

I put glitter on the handle of the feather duster, anoint the scared ostrich feathers (a royal and regal bird) with essential oils, blessing my house as I wave my "fairy duster". All the windows are open, music is on the stereo, the creation of order feels joyous despite routine. This is the everyday work of being a priestess in her temple.

Everything has a sticker on it. I despise brand names and conspire to change my universe to reflect my reality. Even the "anti aging wrinkle cream" becomes "Smooth on Good Boundaries Today" with the help of a decal of Durga and a sharpie. I buy pretty paper to print all my office forms, decorating my checkbook as the Sacred Record Keeper of Perpetual Abundance.

Each day I play on the computer - I create websites, blogs, Tweets and Facebook posts, striving to inspire an unknown audience to hear the cosmic giggles of celestial encouragement pouring down from the stars. It is so different from old school advertising, but this form of using social networks for playful marketing keeps my schedule booked well in advance and makes me happy.

I play with my persona, with my image and my looks, and I encourage others to do likewise. I ran into an old friend who exclaimed, "You look completely different!" Thank gawd, I thought, because you look exactly the same. One of the most important things I do is to give myself permission, to be my authentic self, tattoos and all.

I play with energy - whether doing a tarot reading or an astrology chart, leading a guided meditation or channelling reiki. My business is called Tools for Transformation but really, it could be called Toys for Transformation. I work at playing and play at work, and I feel blessed to practice happiness, to play at being me, every single day.

Blessed be.