December 2, 2009

My Body Knows

My body knows things my brain has no idea about.

My body knows how to dance salsa. My body knows how to Zumba. My body knows how to keep another student in the mirror so it can follow the steps. My body knows how to keep the beat. My body knows how to 3 step and chacha, merengue and cumbia, but it still struggles with samba.

My body knows how to heal. How to create antibodies and hormones, new muscle fibers and red platelets. My body knows how to send energy to where I need it most. My body knows how to send me messages so I can take care of myself - When to sleep, when to eat, when not to push send on that email. My body never lies. My body knows how to live in truth and integrity, how to respond and when to react. My body knows how it feels, and my body knows to trust my gut.

My feet tell me when it is going to rain. My knees let me know when I should take omega 3s. Like Shakira, my hips don't lie, and I've learned when to keep my big girl panties on. My stomach is a barometer, my liver a geiger counter. My heart is easily fooled, but only because it is so trusting, so willing to be loved, but still it knows better than my brain my deepest desires. The pain in my shoulder blades tells me when I've overextended myself more immediately than any bank notice. The bounce in my stride lets me know I'm on top of the world again. My lips have known the truth and my eyes have looked into the depths of eternity. My ears have heard my lover's sighs and my baby's cries. My body has tasted ambrosia in the simplest home-made meal, felt the deepest peace in sharing a bench at sunset.

My body knows much more than I give it credit for. Blessed be this body.