December 8, 2009

Ways I Play

I play with my body
I play with my hair
I play with my clothes
And buy frilly underwear

Sometimes she's pleasant
Sometimes she's wild
I really love to play
With my inner child

We go to the boardwalk
Where the lights go blinky-blinky
Only once in my life
Did I eat a deep-fried Twinkie

Sometimes I'm alone
Sometimes I'm with a friend
One of the best places to play
Is in my very own garden

In my house, I hang beaded crystals
And softly paint all the walls
I like to play with lots of colors
And create murals in the halls

When thinking upon
The deeper facts
whom I play with the most
Is probably the cats

I have a great housemate
She's full of great cheer
We play dominoes together
While sipping organic beer

I like backgammon and Sorry
Crazy Eights and Pictionary
Scrabble and Othello
But I suck at kareoke

There's seasons of softball
You should see me at the plate
But I really love my Zumba
And of course, to rollerskate

I love to play with my clients
By looking at the stars
I's a different kind of game
Meditating on Tarot cards

I like to play with my lover
And whatever makes us feel sexy
Whether it's leather or lace
Or just sharing a new fantasy

Blogging has become
Quite the occupation
I really seem to enjoy
The virtual in conversation

Poems and pictures
I play with my pencils
Cutting, gluing, pasting
Collaging in my journals

Now sometimes there's days
I don't want to get out of bed
Those are the times
I've been playing with my head

And there's one game
My heart has been hating
Those lessons learned
From online dating

Everyday I play on Facebook
I love my little farm
With it's sheep and trees and fields
And it's own little virtual barn

On full moons I play with the cosmos
She fills me with delights
When I play with my soul
I get filled with insights

While I take myself seriously
I do have to say
I find time in the little things
To always experience some play.