July 15, 2010

More Adventures in Sweden

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Wednesday morning we woke up around 7am, had breakfast, and were picked up in a Volvo limo to go out to the factory. There we ran into our new friends, Jan and Merv, along with 22 other new car owners, all a part of their Overseas Deliver Program.

After signing papers and test driving my Mom's new Volvo C30 - a tiny car, in a beautiful blue-grey, with no trunk space to speak of - we got lunch and a tour of the factory. It was fascinating - huge robots were picking up the components, sparks from the welding a flying, with a preciceness and speed that almost spooky. We literally saw from start to finish, beginning with the rolls of steel and the steel presses, and it was clear from the tour guides voice just how much pride she had in her company.

In the afternoon we drove down to Kungsbacka, after getting lost driving back into Göteborg. This became our theme over the next few days: something between the 9 hour difference, jetlag, the sun not seeming to be in the right place in the sky, and the distinct lack of signage along the roads led us in many a circle. Indeed, out motto became "We came, We saw, We turned around."

 We went to the market and picked up some dinner supplies, before settling into our hotel room. Around 2 am a huge fight broke outside the hotel, with a dozen or so youths fully in a fist fight, breaking bottles and plant containers in the process. Three police cars finally showed up, arresting the lot. So much for a quiet night....

Map by Google; Photos by Siv 2010