September 23, 2010

Sun and Moon Tarot

In the name of the Maiden, Mother and Crone
I'm here by myself - And I am never alone...

I shuffle the cards over and over, stiff little boards in my hands, the cool gray and white lotus on a black background a stark contrast to the flashes of color as the satisfying sound of the cards rippling through my hands fills my peaceful, sun-filled living room. It is the harvest moon, a time of abundance, time of balance as we move into Libra and notice the fall equinox, the shifting light, the changing tides.

Today I am playing with The Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decourt, recently published by US Games Systems. After splitting the deck into three piles with my left hand (coming from my heart), I then reorder them into one pile with my right hand (using my head). I pull the first card with both hands, my finger tips arguing with each other as I tip the cards back and forth, back and forth, until finally they are in agreement that this is the one.

I'm employing the Motherpeace Spread and the first card is the significator, the here and now, the present moment. The ace of pentacles appears, an auspicious beginning. A gray shield with a pentacle in the middle surrounded by a geometric, almost floral design is surrounded by curling ivy in a deep mustard yellow background, a downward facing triangle with a line through it graces the top.

My first impressions arise: Aces are the top card, as well as the beginning - here is the alpha and the omega. Ivy is know for it's tenacity, the ability to stick to something for the long term. Pentacles represent the physical plane, and I ponder my health, my house, my business. Part of me feels protected, like the pod of the seed. Part feels ready to unfold, after being planted, nourished by both a rain of tears as much as the shine of smiles.

The deep yellow puts me in touch with the third chakra- the solar plexus, center of will and power, ruled by Leo and the shining sun. I post on Twitter: The Harvest Moon reminds us to harvest our abundance, and plant the seeds of change, seeds of hope, and seeds of love. I ponder the last symbol, the male principle, split in two - a balance between head and heart? Or what I seem to need the most, a balance between the higher mind and the so called lower desires?

I pull the next cards rapidly, some with the left hand, some with the right, sometimes using both, most are reversed, to my surprise. I enjoy the images tremendously - simple, faceless beings engage in archetypal moments, the colors are fairly soft and muted, the lessons feel gentle and kind. There is a modern element to this deck (stripes come to mind, from stripy shirts to stripy socks), as well as an element of timelessness, found in dancing figure of Shakti in the universe card or the ace of swords being crowned in gold.

The second card is ten of cups, satiety, upside down - how is  NOT feeling satisfied my source of strength now? Next I get three of wands, virtue, as my challenge - how am I being loyal, to myself and others. At the root of my being is three of pentacles, what Decourt names as works, and on my sky/mind is the devil, again reversed - hallelujah! certainly over the last few years I have worked on looking my demons in the eye and creating alliances instead of enemies. Ace of swords graces my immediate past while prince of pentacles dominates my future. The bull looks stuck, stubborn in this card, but I instantly go back to the ivy in my significator, the lesson of tenacity. No coincidence that my present lover has Taurus on the 7th house. 

My mirror card is king of wands, as I master my own energies, become the master of my desires; while in my house the four of pentacles appear, that desire for stability on the physical planes, creating sand castles on the beach, and The Universe expresses my hopes and fears.

My last card has a man and a woman embracing on a white lotus under the full moon, their quiet reflection shimmering in the water as they whisper heartfelt secrets to each other. My outcome for the coming year: Two of cups- love, sweet love.
Blessed be.

No longer the slave to intensity
I am now the face of satisfied desire.