February 28, 2011

Listening Vs. Hearing

Hearing is the sound of the radio driving my teenager to school in the morning.

Listening is actually paying attention to the lyrics, the tug on my memories as an emotion is recaptured, a certain rhythm or beat that seems to fluctuate with my own life blood.

I hear your words...

I listen to your eyes, your body, your fingers touching mine.

I  hear your story...

I listen to the quality of your voice, the timbre and tempo, the courage it took to utter these words, the risk in revealing your more transparent needs.

I hear you say “I love you..."

I’m listening to your heart, your doubts, your fears, your hopes, your dreams.

Hearing is empathy.
Listening is compassion.

Do you hear me?
Are you listening right now?

Hearing is temporal.
Listening is eternal.