April 5, 2011

Elements of Tarot: Fire

Wands, Rods, Staffs, Flames, Diamonds
Sparks, Matches, Candles, Hearths, Forest Fires, Volcanoes, Novas

Energetic plane:
Creative, Artistic, Passion, Play, 
Vitality, Loyalties, Conflict, Competition, Drive, 
Action, Growth, Power

Key Word:
I will

Suggested Ritual:
Candle Magic

Candles are powerful as you can both burn away energy as well as invite in energy. Always start with a fresh candle - throw half burned candles away, guilt free. Choose a candle size proportionate to your needs -  a 2 hour mini spell candle is pretty different from a seven day novena. Choose a color appropriate to the situation - black tends to dispel energy, while white may purify and cleanse. A basic chakra chart can help you choose the right color for your focus.

Infuse the candle with you intention. Take a moment to notice what are the things that you wish for. Inscribe them on the candle with a pen, pencil or athame as what you will for. For example, if you wish for a million dollars, write "I will earn/receive/have a million dollars". "I wish I was healthy" becomes "I will be healthy."

Anoint the candle, either by simply running you hand along it or by using an aromatherapy oil. ***NOTE that candles anointed with oil WILL BURN FASTER and HOTTER. Use precautions. NEVER leave a lit candle unattended.

Note that writing/anointing the candle from the base to tip invokes energy to be released as the candle burns away. Writing/anointing from top to bottom invites energy. It's fine to both on a single candle, both releasing energy and invoking beneficial energy to fill that particular void.

Decide when, where, and how often to light your candle. Once until it's gone? One a day for a month? Every full/new moon? Whenever you're working on a particular project? Or you can use this ritual to bless a series of candles that can than be used as gifts for friends and family.

Blessed be.