May 29, 2011

Right Now

 It is Saturday afternoon at a writer's retreat. After the morning session and lunching on the rest of yesterday’s sandwich, I spent most of the day studying Ageless Body, Timeless Wisdom by Deepak Chopra. Friday was spent reading Wild Dogs by Helen Humphries.
    Time is fluid here, as I drink my coffee and switch positions, my aching knees telling me to get up, move, go pee. I feel pleased to have accomplished this simple of goal, of staying focused, rather than driving all over Point Reyes , coloring tarot cards or penning my lover letters.
    I’m looking forward to this writing session, socked feet curled up on the cozy couch, my glasses in place. I’m also looking forward to taking a walk this eve, now that the weather is gentled.
    How often I dwell on the past, how often I write “I’m looking forward...” instead of “I can’t wait.” Because I do have to wait, and much more than the waiting is the feeling of just be present, this here, this now, this moment, this circle of women, this fire’s particular cackle, this witch's’ particular intention.