June 11, 2011

What My Body Tells Me

My body never lies. My body tells me “yes” when I think of you. My heart races, my eyes widen, and there is an unmistakable tingling between my thighs.
    My body told me when it was not okay. Slowly at first, small burps and farts, escalating as I didn’t listen to full blown acid reflex, the beginning of an ulcer.
    My body feels safe with you now. It sleeps easily in your arms, our feet caressing at the southern hemisphere of blanketdom. My body tells me yes, yes, this is the time, this is the place, this is the one - for right now, for this moment, letting go of any expectations of forever-ness. I notice my fists unclenching underneath the cover of the pillow, the relaxation travels through my wrists and elbows, smoothing out the knots in my muscles, the tension in my shoulder blades.
    For long I doubted, for long I feared, I held back, and my body is flooded with relief to trust, to hope, to burst with joy at the sight of your eyes, the touch of your palm, the exchange of breath before we kiss.
    My body tells me, yes, yes, do this, walk this path with this person at this time. Combine your energies and be amazed at how far the two of you will climb.