September 29, 2011

Notes to Amber

My sweetest girl
Remember to stay sweet
and gentle and kind
and how much the animals trust you

Remember to sing aloud
Not just in the show
Play music while doing chores

Keep on wearing
mismatched socks
Sparkly earrings
And warm jackets

Buy year round boardwalk passes
Go to the skating rink
Put 10% into savings
And buy ice cream

Read out loud to children
Read softly to your self
feel safe at night
With the blanket on your head
And the cat curled up
At your feet

Remember that fairies are real
They’re just not what you think
And that wishes grow from roses
Turning pebbles into crystals
At the blink of an eye

Remember I’m here for you
I’ll always listen to you
I’ll always love you
I always wanted you
You are more than enough
You are perfect to me

My sweet Amber Rose
I’m always proud of you
I’m always glad you chose me
To be your parent

There’s times we weren’t friends
When you didn’t like what i said
When you didn’t like me
But I hope you know
I always held your best interests at heart
I tried to be the best teacher
The best guide
The best advocate I could be
I tried my best
To be your mother

I hope you remember
My crazy songs and silly jokes
Driving to school
Listening to the radio together

I hope you remember
I was always willing to listen
And willing to change my mind
Willing to look at myself
willing to be kind

My Sweet Amber
In my notes to you
All i really want to say
Is how much I love you