November 14, 2011

A Blessing in Disguise

So you might know things as they are.-Jane Hirshfield

It is all hallow eve
And here at my door
Ghosts and goblins
Witches and more

Clamoring for candy
Or a least a treat
Here come others
Bustling down my street

In each one I see
The questions I ask
How to be authentic
To take off my mask

Becoming more familiar
With the skeletons in my closet
Realizing now
They are friends not yet met

We dress up our problems
Parading our fears
Put butterfly wings
On all our fairy tears

Shooting for the moon
Even if it is far
Looking in the mirror
So I might know things as they are

Facing the truth
Letting go of the lies
Each of my problems
A blessing in disguise