November 23, 2011

Evening notes

There is an intimacy within silence
A chance to remember your Self

Great fullness
Gratitude and hope are active states, spiritual practices

Today I saw
Deer - be gentle with your Self
Mouse - pay attention to the details
Suggestion: Create a gratitude journal
What was the best thing that happened your the day?

Deepak Chopra reminds us - connect yourself to a higher vision of life through gratitude
Being mindful means being grateful in the moment

Right now I am
Grateful that my cats
Poppy and June are together

Blessing is related to the word blood
Let it flow and return to source
From the heart
Back to the heart

Bless this Space Between Us - a book recommendation

Taking things for granted does not make us happy
Essence is lost
Being busy vs slowing down more
A common theme
In practicing gratitude