December 29, 2011

Adventures in Maui, part 1

Right now I am sitting on an airplane on my way to Hawaii. After three hours, my knees are beginning to ache, but I no longer feel nauseous from this mornings dose of antibiotics to combat Lyme disease. I hear a baby crying, but the one next to me has been almost as adorable as my cat. There is the smell of corn nuts, making me feel peckish, but all in all I feel content in the moment, looking forward to this vacation.

One of the joys of being self employed is choosing my own hours, but actual vacations are rare. Last year I went to Sweden for ten days with my mom to pick up her new Volvo. This year I have gone to San Diego twice for long weekends, once for my partner's high school reunion and once right after his mother died. I'm not overly fond of flying, and need to remember to take ibuprofen before we get on our departing flight home. I did stock up on airborne and drank it's fizzy goodness after lunch.

I am looking forward to doing lots of nothing, and really have no expectations, besides for enjoying this time with Chip. I'm excited to do something new and appreciate him taking me out of my comfort zone. I miss my daughter and the cats already, sending them little infinity loops of love in prayer, and my mind still drifts to work. I need to set my vacation responder on my emails when I have Internet service again, and I feel a great relief to be away from my everyday responsibilities, from cleaning the house and pruning the yard to meeting clients and grading homework.

Maybe I'll spend some time cleaning up my facebook account, but mostly I want to really relax. Lyme disease aside, I have felt exhausted for months, generating the income to go on this trip, and I certainly have a deep satisfaction to having paid my property taxes and my bills without completely depleting my bank account.

I hope to work on my tarot project. I brought templates and colored pencils, as well as a new deck to play with, The Joie de Vivre tarot, the name seems apropos. I won't be able to go into the sun much as a result of the medication, so this project will literally be made in the shade.

We are experiencing some turbulence and I think about the recent episodes of Lost we have been watching. We filled out agricultural forms to be entered into a drawing - how very American, do your duty and maybe win a prize  - and now are waiting to be served complimentary Mai tais, a drink I've never had before. Already it's an adventure.