December 24, 2011

Joie de Vivre Tarot

I am on vacation in Maui, playing with my new tarot deck, the Joie de Vivre Tarot created by Paulina Cassidy and published by  US Games Systems. My partner is off snorkeling, the perfect opportune moment to layout my tie die bandana as an altar cloth, focus on the Solstice, and all that will unfolding the coming new year.

The cards are light and whimsical, each fairy tale like with undertones of a more serious nature, a cross between Where the Wild Thins Are and A Nightmare Before Christmas. The little white book reveals the names of the characters, casting a spell of enchantment, leading me further down the rabbit hole. After shuffling the cards, I lay them down in the Motherpeace spread.

My significator is Five of Wands reversed. "In a scuffle, Rumble the tree and Fray the boy have their own strategies..." the message is how to change creative conflicts into creative visions, the power of positive competition. I think about play, my new cat playing with her toy mouse, increasing her hunting skills, and I ponder my own feelings of competitiveness to increase my skills, rather than the weariness of battles, real or imagined, internal or otherwise.

My source of strength is the Knight of coins, a placid image, I like seeing the textures of the water color creating swirls behind the champion on his steed. "Dedication...sits thoughtfully upon his blue horse named Caution." Patience and perseverance are the theme, along with commitment and follow through, certainly qualities I appreciate in myself right now.

My challenge lies in the Five of Swords. Two bird women beings cross each other, one with jewels hanging from her thin sharp curved blade. "Squabble and Quarrel are always in conflict... (but) the true event is battle of ego. victory and pride are not worth the cost of friendship." This hits me hard, and I realize where I have been the harpy lately, my own part in recent transitions of long friendships which have changed dramatically in the last year. I ponder the message, "reevaluate circumstances, there's always room for new directions."

At the root of the reading is Ten of Swords, I notice I've already pulled two fives. A veiled fairy sits by a stream, one sword across her lap while contemplating a snake in a stream, nine swords behind her, embedded upright in the ground. A small snail is her companion. As I turn the pages of the LWB, I feel weepy as I read the description, "Feeling at her lowest point, Lament unleashes the power of sheer will to lessen the impact that turmoil brings." I have been feeling stabbed in the back recently (back to 5 of swords) and take comfort in the message that "her worries are farther away than she realizes."

In the sky is Six of Cup - a sassy mermaid swims with two mer-bunnies, who look like joyful jesters in this underwater scene. Certainly this is most of my mind, my own and other's emotional healing, coming back to play and innocence, changing dis-illusionment (who wants to be illusioned?) to fresh vision. "Swimming side by side, Bliss and her mer-bunny friends, Charity and Innocence, appreciate the simple joys of life." The message here is to analyze what worked in the past and to update my actions to suit my current situation.

The immediate past, the last six weeks, is represented by XIV- Temperance reversed. A female figure with four arms, claw feet and doves wings combines essences in test tubes, holding the comedy and tragedy masks while a skull and bones pile at her feet. Her hair is made up of blue and red snakes, and she has sun and moon symbols on her pinafore. Last Temperance is "an alchemist, she achieves cooperation by combining forces...increasing your ability to adapt to change."

The immediate future, next six weeks, heralds the King of Coins, a strong bunny figure holding a red flower and a sunflower scepter, the shadow of a heart at his feet, purse bulging at his side. Stable "King Fortune stands proudly before his kingdom...Finding opportunity everywhere, he succeeds at whatever he sets his mind to." This fills me with confidence and hope, the feeling of resolve as I continue to work on my PhD and cultivate more clients in my practice as a holistic healer.

My mirror card reflects the King of Cups (2 kings in this reading). "King Serenity, kind and patient, is a natural healer...He's loyal to his purpose and possesses great knowledge drawn from the heart." Indeed, this figure holds one hand open while holding a full vessel, beautiful robes ornate with hearts, a protective cloak and crowned on gold leaves, I welcome this image of being the master of my emotions now.

In my house is XV- the Devil. A spooky spidery figure stands on top of a treasure chest with a face, while pulling the strings of a marionette who holds scissors and a heart. The devil is chained to the chest and has a belt made out of shrunken heads. "Though Deception wears an expression of self contentment, his garish hat portrays the expression of despair." the message continues, "Cutting the strings that bind him, Flee is moments away from fleeing the bonds of limitation."

Hopes/Fears are to be found in III- The Empress, interesting with all the kings in this reading. A beautiful nymph dressed in green, she has both hearts and sculls decorating her green leaf dress. She carries a shield with the Venus symbol on it in one hand, a moon faced scepter is the other, complete with a ribbon full of jingling bells. She stands on top of crescent moon in a field of flowers. "Containing the life force that gives birth to all creation, the Empress Blossom wears a nest of eggs on her head... Blossom is a beacon of delight and opulence." The message is to nurture ideas to bring forth positive energies.

My final card, outcome over the year, is XVI-the Tower, reversed. The tower is being destroyed from the onside by a monster with octopus tentacles and a lampreys head. A girl in a quilted dress falls from the tower, while butterflies grab the hem of her skirt and lift her upwards. "Hurling downwards from her tower of illusion, Discordia is rescued by butterflies, manifestations of her self-empowerment." The message here is clear, "regardless of how difficult change can be, soul shaking experiences are necessary to bring you out of your comfort zone and provide insight for further growth."

Blessed be.