December 7, 2011

Qualities in myself I am grateful for

I am grateful for
My intelligence, my capacity to synthesize information
My incredible memory, especially for peoples names
My health and willingness to be healthier
My sense of humor
My ability to find the positive
My voice, in hypnosis especially
My ability to facilitate healing through reiki, hypnotherapy
My love of the esoteric
My deep curiosity
My organization, efficiency, tidiness and cleanliness
My ocd ways
My willingness to change my mind, my flexibility, my fluidity
My patience
My kindness and compassion
My ability to problem solve
My loyalty and tenacity, my commitment
My education, college and graduate, formal and informal
My ability to handle money
My ethics and morals, my sense of integrity
My parenting skills
My experiences with other lovers I bring to this relationship
My comfortableness with my body
My capacity for forgiveness, especially of myself
My willingness to laugh out loud, sing out loud
My sense of justice, fairness
My peaceful, diplomatic nature, my pacifist side
My inner warrior, willing to fight
My internal priestess, my deep intuition
My cycles and seasons, rhythms and tides
My grace, my ability to dance
My deep listening
My ability to really pay attention
My humbleness
My authenticity
I walk my talk and practice what I preach

Blessed be,