December 14, 2011

What do I want to be in touch with regarding gratitude?

Being more grateful for my parents and I'd like to practice sending out the love infinity prayer to her just as I have with others this week.

Being more grateful for my health and for having overcome past addictions, practicing a kinder gentler path.

Truly enjoying myself, being grateful for my clients and that I don't have to have a housemate or do websites to earn money. My practice will be in writing love letters.

Love letters, my practice is in writing love letters - to my clients, to my colleagues, to my friends and family. I used to have writing to my mom on my monthly list and I want to setup a schedule for myself of reaching out on a more regular basis to my mom, my brother, my aunt, just as my dad and I see each other for lunch every two weeks.

I want to put into my calendar a schedule to update my profiles, send out emails, etc as a way to love my practice.I want to send out more follow ups with new clients as well as regular mailings of post cards, magnets, etc, the the little tokens of love and inspiration.

I want to keep texting Amber and posting on fb as a way to maintain our continuity when apart.

I want a check in system with Chip, like therapy, to keep voicing my truth and giving him the time and space to voice his. I want to remember to say thank you after each time he feeds me, each time he drives over the hill.

I want to be grateful for my house rather than seeing it as a burden, to take delight in the improvements, in a flourishing garden.

I want to be grateful for my friends and invite them over for dinner or parties, to enjoy our laughter and feel our mutual support.

I want to be more grateful for my students and the staff at Twin Lakes College, offer more of my essence through classes and workshops without being so concerned about what will I get paid.

I want to be more grateful for working at the office and the space it provides for my healing practice, as well as being more grateful for the referrals and giving more referrals.

I want to be more grateful and graceful at my networking groups.

I want. I can. I will. I have and will again.  And so it is..

I am grateful right here, right now. I am great and I am full.

Blessed be.