January 18, 2012

Come, Be Plain With Me

I complain about this
I complain about that
Weeds in the garden
Hair from the cat

Being really busy
Always on the go
Too many clients
As well as the no shows

I'm looking for attention
Needing validation
Trying to vent
All my frustration

Sometimes I know
I'm just Exaggerating
Sometimes it feels
Just Complicating

Complaining serves no purpose
As far as I can see
I'd rather speak my truth
Kind and gently

Rather than complaining,
I would like it to be
Changing the words to
Come, be plain with me

Let me be plain
Transparent with you
Honor your truth
Let us see this through

Being authentic
Acting compassionately
Actively listening
Come, be plain with me

Come, be plain with me...
Blessed be.